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{Chic Fashionista} Lou Lou Bell Mademoiselle purses


Welcome to our first ever {Chic Fashionista} post and what better way to start it off than with Lou Lou Bell, the inspiration and reason! About two months ago I was contacted by a pretty cool chickie-dee from Nova Scotia named Lyndsay who told me about her handmade purses called Lou Lou Bell. She asked me if I would review one for the Little Pink Book. Having never done these non-makeup reviews on here before, I decided it was time to start!

As most of you know, if you read {Rules of PR} last week, I was in New York City for the Labor Day holiday weekend here in the states. I took my mini-vacay as the perfect opportunity to put these bags to the test — so behold! [Read more…]

{Heal the World} An Open Letter to those affected by Cancer

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Hi Pink Book Readers,

I’ve been meaning to start this on LPB for awhile now. A little something called {Heal the World}. I’ve always believed in community service and I volunteer a lot for different things. If you know me in real life, you might have actually been hauled to volunteer with me before, or better yet, that’s how you know me.

Initially, I wanted to showcase different non-profit organizations with {Heal the World} and show you about the vast opportunities there are out there to get involved, lead by example and become one with your community.

Volunteering doesn’t have to be about something morbid and bleak, or death and destruction. It could be about something fun, something you enjoy, maybe an organization you believe in.

Either way, I don’t do this very often, but for my first {Heal the World} post, I thought I would make it just a tad personal: a fellow Gator alumni and PR professional reached out to me about a project she’s been up to and I found her story very touching. I wanted to share [Read more…]

{Heal the World} Social Media lessons, #12for12K and a little 501c3 action (updated)

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Is it me or has the communications world gone bonkers in the past two weeks? First PRSA last week, then Aunty B & the Gen-Y coffee issue this week and now another communications professional taking to her blog to call out a peer about his social media non-profit project?

Am I missing something here?

In a post that went up on Monday, Barbara Talisman questioned the legitimacy of a decently well-known, online charitable brand called 12For12K. Started by Danny Brown, the organization’s main goals are to raise $12,000 dollars per organization per month and also raise awareness for each of these causes using social media. [Read more…]