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Fashion Directory on Twitter

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Right so the fabulous people that are the New York Times came up with this list and I’m just reposting it for you my lovely, Pink Book Fashionistas!

If you ever wanted to stalk your favourite brands, and the people who run them on Twitter, then this list is for you! I also added makeup brands to this list that weren’t on the original.

Below is a list of everything and everyone at the moment (September 2009), some of whom from bloglandia you should recognize in the Pink Book’s “Places I Visit.”

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New Moon Volturi and some more Aro with a little Jane

If you care enough to see the clan who guards the dead, here you go, enjoy 🙂

Trailer w/ Volturi, but let’s see how long it lasts on YouTube before Summit declares war and takes it down?

Well, they took it down, here’s the clip from MTV:

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