Sing for me, please, Mr. Spencer-Worthley

By: Sarah Fahey, guest blogger

The newest name on the classical-crossover scene is that of British tenor Thomas Spencer-Wortley.

Born and raised in Derbyshire, this 27-year old singer has impressive background in music. A former member of both the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain and the British Concert Singers, he studied at Trinity College of Music for five years gaining a Bmus honours degree before completing his studies at the Royal College of music with a post-graduate diploma and an LRAM certificate. His first professional break came when he was offered the part of Schlomo in the UK Tour of Fame the Musical and he spent a lot of 2007 touring the country with this production.

Feeling equally at home on stage in the West End and in opera, Thomas decided to develop his singing career further, combining the music of the opera and pop worlds to create his own album. He has set up his own record label, Cove Records along with his own production company, TSW productions and his forthcoming album Credere, which is released on 24th of August, was all recorded in his kitchen at home! He has also been fortunate in being able to work with his brother, Oliver who is also a highly talented musician and who wrote three of the tracks on the album.

Speaking of this experience Thomas says,

“It has been the most enlightening experience. Making music is just amazing, watching it grow and come together. What I have learnt both as an individual and as part of a team is invaluable. It’s been hard, very hard, with all the control comes the responsibility of getting everything right. Producing an album on your own inevitably pushes the boundaries and presents what seems to be endless challenges, as it takes you way beyond the music, but at the end of the day I’ve enjoyed every minute of it’’ (Official Website)

Thomas has already been compared to artists such as Il Divo, Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban which he finds highly flattering and whilst not wishing to make too many comparisons, it is easy to hear the similarities when listening to his music.

The brothers also haven’t been afraid to mix their styles of music together to create some truly incredible pieces. An example of this can be heard in the track Ave Maria (arranged by Oliver) which Thomas describes as ‘Caccini with a twist’. The start is the traditional song as we know it but then changes with an up tempo instrumental section that is reminiscent of a mixture of Bond and Evanescence and gives the piece quite a haunting gothic feel to it, before returning to the traditional sound. Another striking piece is the title track on the album Credere which starts with a piano solo playing quite gently before building into such an intensity, it reminded me of the Croatian pianist Maksim, but with sounds reminiscent of Andrea Bocelli truly breathtaking.

If you are a fan of classical crossover music, then you are going to enjoy the sound of Thomas Spencer-Wortley and his album Credere. There are many songs included in his album that you may be familiar with from other artists’ albums but Thomas brings something new to each of them whether in the musical arrangement or his performance of them.

You can purchase his album here.


Sarah Fahey was born in London, England. She has a B.A. English, Philosophy and History from Open University in the UK. She enjoys traveling, reading, theatre, opera and all genres of music.

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