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Recently, I came across these really intriguing oil scents on Etsy called Wiggle Perfumes & Sundries and I wanted to share a few of them with you.

According to Wiggle Perfumes & Sundries, they are described as:

The wiggle is about pushing back against the notion that all our parts are meant to be hard and flat and angular. It’s about realizing how much power there is to be found in the curvy jiggly bits. It’s about spending less time in the gym and more time in the bedroom. It’s about relaxing and letting the good outweigh the bad. Rock what ya got! (It is not, however, about using those bits to get out of speeding tickets. At least not too often, let’s don’t ruin it for the rest of the girls, eh?) Mae West knew about the wiggle, Marilyn understood…a little wiggle makes the world go ’round.

How very contemporary Dick Tracy! I love it!


Hands down, my favourite scent has to be “Annabelle.” It’s sweet, floral and smells like roses. It’s definitely something I would wear in the daytime and it’s very fresh. This is my kind of perfume.

If you like Coconut and softer scents, you should get your hands on “Coconut Lotus.” It’s sweet, reminds me of summer and some Jimmy Buffett. Haha, no I’m so serious. I took a whiff and I thought about a beach and having fried calamari at Margaritaville! No lie.

Honey, Honey how you thrill me, ah ha! – “Orange Blossom Honey” is a scent I wasn’t expecting to like, but I did! It reminds me of autumn, it’s crisp, spicy and citrus infused. I’m typically a floral person, but come September, I wouldn’t mind spotting this scent on an evening out.

An interesting scent, not my favourite, but definitely one that evokes a lot of thoughts and feelings is “Little 5.” It’s a Wiggle signature scent and I’m convinced it has mystical-jazz powers to make you see Ella Fitzgerald in some speakeasy time-warp. It’s this musky, opium-esque set of liquid goodness. The first thing I thought of when I smelled it was ‘burlesque!”

A little Michael Buble “Feeling Good,” anyone?

If you are looking for unique, one-of-a-kind scents, you must check out Wiggle Perfumes & Sundries and when you do! Tell Nani, I said “hi” 🙂


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