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Facebook killed the MySpace star and now it’s after the Tweeple

{CLICK for musica – Facebook killed the MySpace star and now it’s after the Tweeple} 

Keep your friends close and your enemies on limited profile because Facebook sets motion to the death of Twitter….but Twitter isn’t dead, thank goodness, yet!

It’s okay to link your Facebook page to your Twitter account, but not the other way around.

I used to be an advocate of the “#fb” Selective Twitter Status application on Facebook which links my Twitter to my Facebook. Then the dumb application stopped working and after I tried about four times to contact the guy who created it with no such luck – I gave up.

And like I told @SteffanAntonas in a very thought provoking discussion about target audiences, after reading, “Status Culture – Public vs Private and Why It Matters,” I’m very glad.

My Selective Twitter breaking is probably the best thing to happen because [Read more…]

{iStyle} Project Runway: Who’s In, Who’s Out and Who’s Annoying

By: Jenn Ortiz, {iStyle} Editor

Lindsay Lohan, crystal meth, and see-through clothing. No, it wasn’t all Lindsay and this isn’t a night out on the town. It was the first episode of Project Runway. Actually, she wasn’t a bad judge. (Damn, and here I was waiting for her to screw up so we could join the ranks of trash talking websites. Sigh.)

After the battle for Project Runway between Bravo and Lifetime, and the epic fail that was its wannabe replacement, The Fashion Show, I’m relieved to have my Project Runway back. I’m sure you are, too! This is possibly the first time I voluntary watched Lifetime. {Note to Sasha, perhaps we shall have to do an analysis on Lifetime’s possibly trying for a new image.}

This season on Project Runway, we can expect a bigger emphasis on the models, with the spin-off, Models on the Runway. They even made an all-star episode of past designers to air before the premier. Ok, so enough yapping. I’m sure you want to know about the designers. Who’s the whack job? (Because you know there always is at least one. Remember that girl who spit marked her fabric to infuse it with her spirit?) Who looks like they will win already and who might be a sleeper. Warning: Spoilers! [Read more…]