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{Rules of PR no.19 } Being the “image,” Dying to be thin

September 2009 cover of Self Magazine ft. Kelly Clarkson on the cover. Image via The LA Times.

Unlike a lot of my previous {Rules of PR}, this one is a bit more on the serious side with the snarky comments kept to a minimum because something was brought to my attention recently which is really disgusting, disturbing and I shouldn’t be the only one who is downright livid about this.

If you hadn’t heard, Self Magazine’s September 2009 issue (on stands August 25) cover is one of Kelly Clarkson. The original American Idol and biggest selling from the series looks absolutely stunning on the cover…except it isn’t her. It’s her head and her body photoshopped like nothing else in this world.

I don’t know about you, but as a young woman living in one of the most superficial societies up-to-our-planet’- date, I’m deeply saddened and offended by this. Especially, since Self Magazine prides itself on being a resource for fitness, health and nutrition for women. So it would make sense to touch up a few blemishes here and there, get rid of the dark circles, but keep the figure in form? Well, that’s the question, isn’t it?

But I ask you, should it even be considered a question? [Read more…]

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