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{iStyle} Social Media Bloggettes & the Haute Fashion idiots who IGNORE them

This is part one of Haute Social Media: Fashion, Makeup & Anna Wintour 2.0

So maybe it’s just me, but I really get ticked when I come across a “Social Media Guru/PR Expert” handling a makeup brand or fashion line who is an idiot with absolutely no grasp of social media, professional decorum and who treats their brand’s outlet as if it was their own personal Facebook page.

The sad thing is, there seems to be a lot of them out there these days…on Twitter especially. It not only irks me, but it saddens me because these people are ruining the name of some really great, top of the line brands.

And while, not naming any names – if you think hard enough, especially, in terms of Twitter, I’m sure you can think of exactly who (and there are more than one) I’m talking about; these “gurus & publicists” make you cringe.

They don’t the first thing about professionalism, they don’t know the first thing about social media, but there they are, in front your face, representing your favourite brands.

It’s ridiculous.

I’d seriously like to know when it was acceptable to conveniently [Read more…]