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{Beautirati Looks} I am a 1959 Pinup Doll

Beautirati logo by Sasha H. Muradali. 2009 All Rights Reserved.

Recently, I got my hands on the 1959 Pinup Makeup set from Stila.

While, I absolutely LOVE the idea of this makeup set, I don’t think the way Stila made these products are for everyone. I actually had to alter how [Read more…]

What If We Pitched The Newspaper?

By readerwalker via Flickr.

By: John Sternal, guest blogger

Let me open up this guest blog post by quickly saying this is not about discussing whether social media is better than traditional media. Like thousands of other PR professionals out there, I’m growing tired of that conversation. So let’s just not even go there.

Ok, with that out of the way, let me tell you [Read more…]

{Pinkalicious: Foto Lust} Kattaca’s ‘La Esencia de Klimt’

“There is no self-portrait of me.”
– Gustav Klimt

That’s it. It’s official, I’m a total Kattaca fan.

First, they did Art Design for one of my favourite books, The Little Prince, now they grace us with their interpretation of the works of one of my favourite artists, Gustav Klimt.

Klimt (July 14, 1862 – February 6, 1918) was an Austrian Symbolist painter and one of the most well known members of the Vienna Art Nouveau (Vienna Secession) movement. His most successful phase is considered his “Golden Phase” where each of his pieces were painted with gold leaf.

I love this. I mean I really, absolutely, love Kattaca’s interpretation here.

My favourite Klimt piece is “The Kiss” (above.) I had a poster of it that I hung in my dorm room my first year in university. It’s so pure, so colourful and so utterly lovely.

Go below for the rest:-

(*Warning: This post DOES contain artistic nudity. [Read more…]