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Music Monday – A Man Can Tell A Thousand Lies…

True Blue cover

I’ve absolutely loved her music since I was a little girl and I grew up listening her True Blue album. It was stuck in my little cassette player for the probably the first eight years of my life.

My parents still tell the story of little Sasha singing “Papa don’t preaaaach” and dancing around her room…lol, nice, I know 😉

Anyway, I give you the forever Queen of Pop Music [Read more…]

{Rules of PR no.17} I Am, I Said

by ·٠•●SUSHI●•٠· via Flickr.

Recently, a political aide resigned after diving into part of political a dispute on the Beer Summit via their Facebook page.

But like the Metro asks, what’s the big deal about cooking up some steamy words?

Well, apparently, it’s a big deal when you’re in the public eye. But did you know that the public eye also consists of your social networking outlets and [Read more…]