Sarah Palin You Make Me Wonder Pt. Deux

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Nothing special, nothing major – this is just a reiteration of my belief that our American educational system is in dire need of saving.

  • If I were a Democrat, I would hope Palin ran in 2012. It would make the White House a shoe-in for us.
  • If I were a Republican, I would not hope Palin ran in 2012. It would make the road the White House that much harder. She’s too easy of an uneducated target.
  • If I were an Independent, I would vote for the lesser of two evils.

I think Deconstructing the News, said it best:

This is funny. I know that as a conservative I’m supposed to love Sarah Palin but I just don’t. Her speech wasn’t great and for the sake of the Republican party I really hope that she doesn’t run for president in 2012. We need someone with experience and someone that hasn’t been destroyed in the media

William Shatner does Sarah Palin’s final speech before leaving office:-

Case and point?

May I remind you of Tina Fey.


Will the real Sarah Palin, please stand up.



Original article here:-

But seriously, if there are many more people like her out there — people who have no basic comprehension of the world around them, running for political office and getting elected (for the most part,) do yourself a favour — ask yourself, should you be scared? 


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