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Don’t you love public relations? I love public relations. I love public relations even more when I see really cool new tools and tactics being created by brands to get what they want and increase revenue in a recession.

One of the newest comes from ABSOLUT VODKA who launched the Drinkspiration by ABSOLUT application.

Basically, this nifty tool combines “mobile technology with GPS, Twitter and Facebook.” Dude, that sounds macro-byte delish!

So what is it? It’s an interactive encyclopedia of recipes that aims to help people share their favourite drinks, create new ones and recommend others based on spirits, taste, weather, time of day, vibe of the bar, sound volume, real-time drink trends and who knows what else.

And guess what folks? It’s FREE for iPhone and iPodTouch users.

Oh no? Oh yes, yes, yes!

Believe it or not but this application has been downloaded over 43,000 times in Sweden and is number one in the iTunes App Store.

Think it can’t get any better? Ha! Think again, my little lushy-friend.

A version for Google Android will be unveiled by ABSOLUT later this summer for the Android Market.

At the bar and want a real-time suggestion? Or get a bartender who has no idea what you’re talking about? How about you just want to show off to friends on Facebook and Twitter?

Well, look no further, this application lets you do that. According to ABSOLUT, your status can easily become something to the effect of, “Sasha is having a Dirty Martini with extra olives, stuffed with blue cheese in Miami.” Oh, and this app remembers what you ordered, how often you ordered it and creates lists for you.

It’s also integrated into the hub which can further integrate the application into your blog or homepage.

So why do you need this bundle of Swedish-goodness?

Well, according to their Senior Manager Interactive Marketing, Fredrick Tallroth – this is the ideal application for the person who ventures out to the bars without knowing what to order.

Drinkspiration by ABSOLUT  gives guidance, personalized recommendations based on the user’s personal preferences and basically is a GPS-tracker of consumption.

But why did I just tell you all of that? Am I encouraging you to drink?


You can do what you want – but why I think this is a major PR WIN and one of the coolest things I’ve seen in awhile –

Welcome to your personalized view of what the international nightlife scene is really like.

In the “world” section, you can see what drinks are being ordered in real time, by real users anywhere on the planet.

Can you imagine the perks of this, not only as a customer, but as a marketer, event planner, heck, supplier?

Imagine, if you were Guinness and randomly realized your comparable Irish market was in of all places….China!

I just made that up, but, it is a possibility; a possibility that will only be made possible via this application. That’s where the GPS technology comes into place.

No seriously, how cool is this?

It’s the FIRST of its kind!


(*Drinkspiration by ABSOLUT is strictly intended only for persons above legal drinking age; by downloading the application, users confirm that they are 21 years of age or older. Users are required to declare that they are of legal drinking age to access the application and may only share Drinkspiration by ABSOLUT content with others who are above legal drinking age.*)

Copyright ABSOLUT © 2009

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Sasha Muradali runs the ‘Little Pink Book’ . She holds a B.S. in Public Relations from the University of Florida (’07) and an M.A. in International Administration from the University of Miami(’08). She loves Twitter and all things social media, so you should find her @SashaHalima.

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  1. This sounds amazing! I just downloaded the app and will probably try it out this weekend.

  2. Really? Let me know how it works! 🙂

  3. Sounds awesome 🙂 Can't wait till it comes out for Android!

  4. This sounds amazing! I just downloaded the app and will probably try it out this weekend.

  5. Really? Let me know how it works! 🙂

  6. This sounds amazing! I just downloaded the app and will probably try it out this weekend.

  7. Really? Let me know how it works! 🙂