Movie Review: 10 Reasons to See Transformers 2

So I finally got around to seeing Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen  and it was great. Some people are picky, I am too — to a certain extent. But I know a good action flick when I see one, I know some good mythology and history thrown into some sci-fi and mashed together to create genius film watching as well. Revenge of the Fallen is this and some more.

Loved it, and if you’re my type of movie goer, you’ll love it too. So rather than write some sort of boring review, I’ll tell you ten reasons you not only need to see it, but also why you should consider purchasing it on DVD in a few months:

(*Warning* Containers movie spoilers)

10. Not only is there one bad-@$$ alien robot (aka Megatron), but there are two! (The Fallen)

9. Megan Fox is hot. Whether you’re into girls, or guys, or both; it doesn’t matter. Megan Fox is hot. Like Angelina Jolie hot.

8. More action, more guns, more big things blowing up, more kissing, more jokes, more sand, more blood. It’s just MORE of everything.

7. The Valley of the Kings, Pyramids of Giza…yep, totally built by a bunch of aliens, organic-robot folk.

6. Opimus Prime dies…and then is reborn. Sam Witwicky nearly dies…but the Prime Eight return him to earth to live. Any movie where there is lots of living and dying and some supernatural, super cool, alien-awesomness behind the living…well that’s just the robot’s caboodle!

5. Jetfire. An old, ancient as time itself Decepticon (turned to the Autobots side) and Seeker who transforms into an SR-71 Blackbird. He creaks, and has a walking cane that doubles as a battle axe. When Optimus is on the verge of death a second time (without dying) it’s Jetfire who gives Optimus his body.
(*Remember in Star Wars Episode II when Yoda walks into the cave to fight Count Dooku and starts bouncing off the walls? Yes, Jetfire is Yoda bouncing of the walls amusing.)

4. Soundwave. He’s baaaack! If you know anything about Transformers or are some type of fan, you can appreciate this. In the old cartoons, and finally getting spot in the films, is Megatron’s Lieutenant Soundwave. So while, he’s not the possessed little psycho robot who turned into a CD player in the first film, he gets to hang out on a satellite in orbit communicating precious info to the Decepticons!

3. Devastator. Another out of this world organic-robot too incredible on the screen not to see. He’s a combiner who goes after one of the pyramids in Giza by ripping it apart. Literally. Imagine watching on screen a giant robot, made up of other smaller robots, climbing on top of a pyramid and breaking it to pieces; its stones tumbling to the ground in a fit of dust and fury. Called a Constructicon, Devastator is like a King Kong robot. Oh and he sucks things into his mouth and walks on all fours. You want to talk about action-freakin’-cool? This is so it. Period.

2. Isabel Lucas. Right so Megan Fox is hot. I love Megan Fox. But Isabel Lucas plays a Pretender Transformer, which is probably one of the wickedest and sickest (in a very good way) characters around. She’s a robot in a humanoid shell. What does that mean? It means she’s a bloody Decepticon hiding behind the ‘face’ of a sexy, out of world (literally) chick. Imagine: hot girl, like super hot girl…and then a metal tail comes out of her backside, followed by a tongue that slithers out of her mouth to strangle Shia LaBeouf. Sounds disgusting I know…but it is really not. You need to see this to believe it.

1. Michael Bay + Steven Spielberg = More action that you can swallow, but you still want more. If it’s one thing these two know, Steven knows how to make a good movie and Michael Bay knows how to make action. Hands down, no questions asked. You say “bring it,” they don’t say, “where do you want it,” they say, “oh, but can you handle it.” Enough said.

Do yourself a favour. Don’t take life too seriously, get out of the house and get yourself some decent entertainment. Go see Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen.


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