{iStyle} What will you be wearing this Fall?

By: Jenn Ortiz, guest blogger

Fall 2009 RTW and Couture collections have been presented, and a bit of analysis is in order.

Overall, looks are stronger and more dramatic. Puff sleeves and stronger shoulders with cinched waists, invoking the 1950’s and 1980’s; however, this influence is presented in a more modern and softer way. Come Fall, there will be bolero jackets and some boxier cut jackets and coats showing up on the racks. For the most part, hem lines were shown high (or non existent as the pantless look continues). Draping was used, most interestingly, in shorter dresses and less like the grecian goddess draping of the past. You’ll see a mix of modern with revived and revised classics. We’ve seen embellishment, luxurious fabrics, mixed with torn and deconstructed or unconventional and casual. Old-fashioned lingerie, hats, and gloves are reinterpreted and mixed into outfits. Much of what is presented here can be added to a basic wardrobe easily. There are plenty of opportunities to thrift, buy vintage, and DIY. Below are my picks for Fall/Winter ’09 trends.

Sequins & Metallics – This is not a new trend, but it is certainly and visibly continued into Fall/Winter. Both couture and RTW presented splashes of sequins or pieces completely composed of them.

Metal, especially chains and pyramid studs – This has been creeping up on us and is going to continue into Fall/Winter. This is an opportunity to revamp old and tired pieces. Studs and chains can be added to shirts, pants, shoes, or purses rather easily. Just head to a local craft store and look for DIY tutorials in the blogs.

Adorned legs – In keeping with the adornment, the leg is one de rigueur place to embellish. Lace, sequins, pearls, dyes, prints, and more have been seen on leggings, tights, and pants. Emphasis on the tights and leggings. Luckily, this is one very easy DIY project.

Ruffles, Ribbons & Bows – Flowing ribbons were seen wrapped around arms, attached to shoes and the backs of dresses; bows were tacked on to a variety of items, as well. There is nothing precious about it either. These details fit right in with the strong, sometimes deconstructed, draped, and adorned looks.

Red & Navy – Of course you always see black in Fall/Winter. However, I think you will be seeing quite a bit of red and navy (or cobalt) along with the occasional jewel tone popping up.

Grey, Putty, Pale Pink – On the opposite end, you’ll also see this muted color palette.

Lace – Spotted on dresses, shoes, pants, shirts, and everything in between, lace popped up in more than half of the collections. This was not the heavy lace of seasons past, though. The emphasis was on floating designs and the transparent areas of lace. This lace is more delicate and frequently appeared around the shoulders, in gloves, or in tights.

Deconstructed knits, torn, cut-outs – Blame it on Rodarte and Alexander Wang or the 1980’s revival. Whatever the reason, shreded, cut-up, torn, and pulled garments are all the rage. This is another easy DIY project, but be warned: it takes a certain kind of confidence to pull this look off without looking too messy or like you are trying too hard. My advice to you is that if it looks like it has been done before, you’re doing it wrong.

Thigh-high boots – Forget working out for bikini season. Ladies, you better be doing cardio and pilates every freakin’ day to get those legs into these babies. Thigh-high boots are going to be major and have already trickled down into Topshop. Pucci, Lacoste, Cavalli, Rodarte, Pugh, Prada, Jean Paul Gaultier, and many more sent up to there boots walking on their models. Sometimes the boots were so tall that they looked like pants. Off to the gym you go…now!

Exposed lingerie – A favorite of mine, exposed lingerie and nightie looks will likely show-up in stores. I’m especially excited about this because it’s an extra excuse to wear pretty underthings that most women do not usually wear (although they should.) The tamest way to do this is an exposed slip or visible bra. Should you be inclined to be more daring, I suggest a classy and glamorous bra or bustier under a blazer. Or, a corset with a full skirt would work. Expect thin and/or silky pieces to be released along with the lingerie trend.

Fur – So sorry PETA, but fur made major appearances at the shows and will continue to do so off the runway. Overall, over 400 looks included fur just in the RTW collections for Fall/Winter 09.  It will have to be faux fur or vintage fur pieces for the ethical shoppers who want to be on point. A trend now, but more so a classic.

Hoods & Hats (and gloves) – Manolo said it himself, but if you look on the runways, there have been repeated looks with hats or hooded outfits sent down the catwalk. Note that I did not say hoodie.

For more Fall/Winter 09 visit Style or Refinery 29.


Jenn Ortiz is a graduate of the University of Florida with degrees in History and Latin American Studies with hopes to pursue a PhD in Child Development. She believes there is beauty in everything around us; from the inside out, outside in. She currently runs {Bits of Beauty}, a place you just feel good about.

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  1. Red/navy has been strong for spring & summer so it's no surprise that it will carry in to the winter. I'm glad cause I feel like everything I own is navy!

    I feel like a lot of the spring/summer trends are being carried into the fall/winter in order to be recession friendly? You can have some staple pieces & then adapt them according to the weather.

  2. I love the exposed lingerie look and I'm seeing a lot of underbust corsets. This is a look that can go from bridal to goth depending on the styles you choose and what you wear under the corset. Add a tiny skirt and you can show off some cute hosiery, too.

  3. I love the exposed lingerie look and I'm seeing a lot of underbust corsets. This is a look that can go from bridal to goth depending on the styles you choose and what you wear under the corset. Add a tiny skirt and you can show off some cute hosiery, too.

  4. I'm so love this blog, already bookmarked it! Thanks.

  5. I'm so love this blog, already bookmarked it! Thanks.