{Harry Potter: A History} Potter 6 Review – Trio Power: to Love, Hate and Amuse

(*This review DOES, in fact, contain spoilers of the film and the seventh book*)

UPDATE: “A Severe Severusly Amendment” at bottom July 16, 2009 — Why the Half-Blood Prince was not full of the Half-Blood Prince.

A ‘trio’ set of reviews for Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince film: to love, to hate and to amuse.

To love:-

Severus Snape

It is called the Half-Blood Prince for a reason. Not that anyone should ever doubt Alan Rickman’s acting ability, but good grief he was fantastic!

From the digital facelift, to the new wig, to Alan Rickman shedding some pounds recently – not only does Snape get a more featured role in this film (though in comparison to the novel it should have been greater) but Rickman really brings the character to life like no other could. J.K Rowling and I definitely agree on this, as I would imagine most people do.

What I especially love about this film, in comparison to say The Chamber of Secrets film, is that the costuming department really out did themselves. This time around, Rickman is much closer to resembling how I originally pictured Severus Snape in my head.

It’s one thing to be able to act out a role flawlessly, but to now look the part – well now, that IS something.

Draco Malfoy

Featured more in this film (though, again, not as much in comparison to the book) Tom Felton really did well. I was worried about the Sectumsempra scenes. Would he be able to pull of the tears? Would this be a repeat of Kristen Stewart butchering Bella Swan in the hospital scenes of Twilight? Would I laugh instead of ‘feeling’ the moment? Well, no, thank goodness.

Tom Felton can act.

I’ve always loved him as Draco Malfoy since the very first film. He had a great way of portraying a sniveling, snotty little brat that has now grown into an aggressive, tempered, but genuine man. He has grown with the character and into the character.

Two scenes really stood out to me – the train, where Malfoy beats up Harry (as payback for Lucius in Azkaban) and Draco prepping to kill Dumbledore.

I really enjoyed Tom Felton’s portrayal of a spiteful Draco Malfoy on the Hogwarts Express – he was snooty, he was aggressive, he was brooding, he was angry, he was vindictive and he was perfect.

For the Dumbledore death scene, he acted like any 16-year old (character’s age) would in that position. I wasn’t expecting anything more or less and I’m really glad, as loyal Harry Potter fan, Felton did not overact.

Well played.

Bellatrix Lestrange

Yes, yes, I know she’s insane…but she’s brilliantly acted out. Helena Bonham-Carter, like Alan Rickman, is the definitive, in her role. Period.

From the beginning where she taunts Harry with a resurgence of “I Killed Sirius Black,” to her assault on Hogwarts, dancing down the dinner tables shredding The Great Hall to pieces, to how she teases and taunts Severus at Spinner’s End, to how she kisses Draco and congratulates him on a semi-job well done cornering Dumbledore – Bellatrix, for all that she is, is enjoyable. She sings, she dances and shes hexes things!

To hate:-

Sectumsempra and the Prince

The book is called the Half-Blood Prince for a reason. This was never clarified, nor elaborated upon in the film, and that irks me.

The story of the Prince is so vital to the Deathly Hallows that leaving so much information out is blasphemous! I would have personally rather have seen more time dedicated to Severus Snape’s side story with Dumbledore, Draco’s struggles and/or the story behind the Prince’s book, than to see Lavender fawn over Ron as many times as she did. It was beyond annoying by the fourth time.

As for Sectumsempra – it was no where nearly as good as in the book, nor was it nearly as powerful when Harry hits Draco with it. This is a big deal in the novel, it came across as a mere boys fight with wands in the movie.

On a side note, as we are talking about the Malfoys – Narcissa looks like a bloody skunk, and she never grabbed on to Snape’s robes as she was supposed to, nor was she anything like the book, except possibly in demeanor. As for the Unbreakable Vow — I was expecting something…bigger.

Dumbledore & the funeral

I cried when I read Dumbledore’s death in the original book. I was in literary shock and I couldn’t believe it: J.K. Rowling just killed off one of her main characters; a character everyone thought was going to be there until the end.

This was a point of change and growth in the books. It is where Harry realizes he must now fully grow up and not only go after Voldemort, but really stand ‘alone.’ You don’t get any of that from the movie.

This is Dumbledore we are talking about and his death IS a huge deal!

No such luck with the film. No tears, I felt some emotion, but not enough. I half expected my entire theatre to be tears as well – again, no such luck. It just didn’t happen.

Very anti-climatic and it’s only saving attribute? “Severus, please.” Michael Gambon finally learned how to play Albus Dumbledore. Said well, done well – the rest hacked by the Killing Curse.

No Dumbledore’s funeral? Bad.

I read previously in 2008 that this was going to be the case, and I thought maybe without it, it wouldn’t make a difference. Well, I’m wrong and so are the filmmakers for leaving it out!

Badly done.

Mini-battle and PG-13

Why wasn’t this film rated PG-13? I could understand why it wasn’t rated R, (though I feel it needs to be in order to get the point of the books across.) But not even PG-13? If it had been it would have been so much better.

From Sectumsempra to the mini-battle that never happened, this film was very, very tame in contrast to what it should have been or could have been.

I didn’t like that one bit.

There was also a mini-battle of sorts in the sixth book, I personally call it the March of the Death Eaters – again, it never happened.

One of the biggest problems with this film was that it was just so disgustingly anti-climatic.

For your amusement:-

Won-Won and some Teenage Romance

Oh goodness. The movie was hilarious. A bit over the top with the teenage romance and snogging – but it was hilarious nonetheless…with love potions.

Speaking of the utterly hilarious — Harry Potter gets a dose of a Felix Felicis, a good luck potion. It’s like watching a child go on a happy Charlie the Unicorn sorta trip. Cannot be missed!

Lavender Brown is played by Jessica Cave and she did her job very well. She’s over the top, saccharine-sticky and highly entertaining. From her whispers, to her squeaks of “Won-Won” – she’s is thoroughly amusing.

There is also a great scene in the film between Hermione and Harry – where Hermione is in tears because she likes Ron. I don’t think at this points she loves him as yet, but she certainly likes him a lot. Harry finds her crying at the bottom of one of the stairwells and the two share a moment.

Emma Watson was good, and Daniel Radcliffe surprised me. After his stints in the Prisoner of Azkaban film with the “He was their friend!” moments – I wasn’t expecting anything too spectacular out of him. But he did well. If you are like me, you will appreciate this too.

Emma Watson is on target as she depicts Hermione sobbing to Harry, asking him, how he does it – how does he deal with liking Ginny Weasley and not being able to do anything about it?

Finally, after not answering her the first time, and watching Ron run off with Lavender a second time, when Harry holds Hermione as she cries, he simply tells her, “Just like this.”

It was not corny, it was not over done, it was simple and it was sweet. I liked it a lot.

The Millennium Bridge

Loved it. It’s just are good as you see it in the previews and the digital arts and the special effects departments really outdid themselves with this scene.

The bridge twists, and turns, bends and stretches, before it pummels – looks fantastic.

Especially, I loved the mirror reflection from the glass windows of the office building you are shown, before the bridge begins to collapse. It is here where you can see the Girkin and other buildings in London.

A little tidbit, something small on the side – but for the keen eye, you can appreciate this too.


The only real piece of action in the entire film. Visually attractive, digitally amazing and all around superb. Loved it.

If Sectumsempra, the March of the Death Eaters and the fire at The Burrow had been anywhere near as exciting as this – well, then we would have a PG-13 and far better film on our hands I think.


If I had never read the books, this film would have been utterly fantastic in every way, shape and form. I would have been a bit confused by a lot of holes in the storyline, but I really would have loved it.

As someone who is a major fan of the books and knows the stories inside out, unlike with Lord of the Rings (especially The Return of the King,) I was left heavily disappointed.

Like some before me, maybe I had high expectations for the film. Maybe these expectations were set too high in terms of what I wanted and what I was expecting. Therefore, I was left disappointed.

But at the end of the day, it was not a bad film and is worth watching — especially at a “midnight release” party at your local cinema 🙂

Visuals 5 of 5
Book to Screen 3 of 5
Overall film Little Pink Book Star RatingLittle Pink Book Star RatingLittle Pink Book Star RatingLittle Pink Book Star Rating (4) of 5

**Amendment to original review:-

“Why the Half-Blood Prince, wasn’t full of the Half-Blood Prince.”

I recently got into two discussions with two separate people about why (or why not) we are (or are not) angry about the Severus Snape scenes in the Half-Blood Prince film.

One person tried to justify the two-liner Snape delivers at the end of the film – “You cannot use my own spells against me, Potter. I am the Half-Blood Prince” (something like that) – as a proper announcement for the Half-Blood Prince, the person, in a film/novel named after him. Myself (and the second person I had this discussion with) – well, I disagree.

My response to a two-liner justifying the Prince? Well having those lines at the end, well, THAT is not the point. The focus of the entire film is wrong with emphasis in all the wrong parts. That’s the problem. There is no real Half-Blood Prince emphasis in the Half-Blood Prince, amongst other things…

As, I said previously, had I NOT read the books, I would have absolutely loved this film without any doubts. But in comparison to the books – something they should have copied from the Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings trilogy films – the movie fell short massively.

It really irks me that the Half-Blood Prince is indirectly (until the end of the book when it is directly revealed) about Severus Snape. Yes, there are other story lines going on, but make no mistake in thinking that one of those other storylines included the teenage romance-drama-comedy as one of the main points as the film misleads.

Other and very important primary story lines include:

a) Horcruxes – what they are, where to find them.
b) Dumbledore and Severus Snape – briefly mentioned, and a little more seen in the HBP film that previous ones. But in the words of Remus Lupin, “Not nearly enough.”
c) Draco Malfoy – yes, finally given more coverage in the film, but IS a big deal in this book. Yes, you can get some of that from this film…but again, as Remus says, “Not nearly enough.”
d) Speaking of Remus Lupin – The Order of the Phoenix is not seen at all in this film. There is no Severus taunting Tonks, and Tonks and Remus…well they are not really ‘together’ as yet.
e) Percy Weasley – it is understood that he WILL appear in the seventh movie. But he also needed to appear in the sixth movie to set up the seventh movie. May I remind you, that the last time Percy Weasley was in a film was the Chamber of Secrets – not just a scene, like the Order of the Phoenix film. Percy integrated into the actual plot.  If I were a film maker – I would try to make my films 1) better than the previous 2) follow some symmetry to the book and c) FLOW into the next one.
f) Hermione and Ron – there was MORE Ron and Lavender in the film, than how Ron’s relationship with Hermione develops and changes. This is a BIG deal in this book because it sets up why, and more specifically HOW, Hermione and Ron end up ‘together’ in the first few chapters of the Deathly Hallows.

The Half-Blood Prince is indirectly, until the end of the book, about the Half-Blood Prince aka Severus Snape. In the book, Hermione actually researches and finds out that there WAS in fact, something the movie says she DID NOT find, a ‘Prince’ who intended Hogwarts: a Slytherin girl named Eileen ‘Prince.’

One of the things J.K. Rowling has always said previously, was that the Potter films, will always have clues to the next book/film. Therefore, there should have been a bigger emphasis on the Half-Blood Prince himself, as he IS a major, defining, factor in the Deathly Hallows.

This is again, where the movie version of the Half-Blood Prince fell short, massively. I wondered if this was because the seventh book has already been released and the filmmakers took those ‘clues’ for granted this time around?

To a certain extent, Severus Snape IS the Harry Potter novels:
1) Had he not been so tragically in love with Lily Evans-Potter, ‘tragic’ being the key word, he would not have told Lord Voldemort the prophecy that led Voldemort to kill the Potters in the first place. It is quite possible Voldemort would have gone after Neville Longbottom and killed his parents instead.
2) Had Severus not been so tragically in love with Lily Evans, he would not have ‘snubbed’ her, throwing her, in one last straw, into the arms of James Potter. It is quite probable and very possible Lily Evans would have married Severus Snape.
3) Had Severus not vowed to Dumbledore to honor Lily by protecting her son, Harry, a lot of the circumstances in the seven books would NOT have occurred. Especially, in book seven where Severus sends his Patronus, the doe, the same as Lily’s, to Harry in the middle of the forest, to help Harry find the sword of Godric Gryffindor.

Severus Snape IS a big deal. But he was NOT made, such a big deal in the sixth film.

This is a huge problem. One of the things that Rowling did in the sixth book, that was attempted in the sixth film, were many subtle hints, and clues about not only Severus – but Dumbledore, the Horcruxes, Draco etc.,

The most important facets, were clearly overlooked in the film, and the film’s emphasis, as a book adaptation, was in the WRONG place.


End of Amendment.**

Movie Trailer:


I went to see the film at midnight with a bunch of friends, so taking a note from what @ReviewRomance did for her review, here are two pics 🙂 (If you couldn’t already tell, I was Bellatrix Lestrange!)

Bellatrix dueling itty, bitty, baby Pott-ah! -- Order of the Phoenix fans anyone?

Bellatrix and Hermione having a couple laughs 🙂


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  1. David Yates (director) did a superb job just magnificent to watch, may be Alfonso Cuarón would have made them ROCK. I am a great fan of Harry Potter series. My favorite still remains HP3: Prisoner of Azkaban. But Half Blood was simply outstanding on levels. I'll be seeing it again Saturday on IMAX which will be even better as it's one of the original IMAX screens that loom up and over the audience as opposed to newer screens that are just big.
    Being a great fan I have collected a list of good sites and articles (may be around 200) related to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (movie information, movie schedule, movie reviews, books, games, news, wallpapers and many more). If you are interested take a look at the below link


  2. Thanks for your comment and the link! Will definitely check it out.
    I'm going to see it in IMAX too, can't wait 🙂

  3. charitytaboas says

    I must say, this makes me want to see it even more. Actually, I can't wait for the DVD and all the extras even more than that.

    My husband has read only the first book, but nothing more. So, it will be interesting to get his view point tomorrow.

  4. Yes! Do come back and tell me what you thought and your husband thought of
    the film!
    Looking forward to hearing about it 🙂

  5. I agree with everything you have written, but I was under-impressed with the CGI this time around. Of course the bridge scene was fantastic, but it looked very computerized. The other movies had made the special effects seem more magical and enchanting, this looked like a rush job. Incredibly unfortunate because of the long delay to release the movie. I wish they did spend more time on the backstory of Snape and Dumbledore and less on the love stories. Also, bring back Quidditch!!! Yes the movies are supposed to get darker as they get older, but the audience needs to be able to laugh and enjoy themselves.

  6. “The book is called the Half-Blood Prince for a reason. This was never clarified, nor elaborated upon in the film, and that irks me.”

    cough—Snape tells Harry he shouldn't use that one spell because he created it — a smart person paying attention knows this means he's the half-blood prince

  7. *cough* Two sentences, at the end of the film (Snape actually tells him,
    “You think you can use my own spell against me? I am the
    Half-Blood Prince.”) DOES NOT equate an entire book dedicated to a set of
    character plot lines that then set up the 3/4 of the storyline for the
    Deathly Hallows. *cough* A smart person who read the book, should see that
    🙂 *cough*

    Like I said, had I NOT been a dedicated Harry Potter reader (since I was
    13-years old,) I would have thought that the film was brilliant and utterly
    fantastic. Hands down, no questions asked. I loved it.

    However, as a dedicated reader, I go in the opposite direction — NOT a good
    book adaptation. Big difference. There are a lot of things in the movie that
    bothered me: from the girl at the tube station in the beginning, to way too
    much Harry/Ginny and LavLav/WonWon, to Bellatrix being nuttier than normal,
    to the Burrow burning down — reasons above etc. It just doesn't cut it.

    And of course Snape. The book is called the Half-Blood Prince for a reason.
    A lot more should have been in the film about Severus' relationship with
    Dumbledore, more Severus interactions with Harry and of course Draco. I
    think even Draco should have been in the film more than he was. A lot less
    time needed to be spent on the teenager romance drama.

    Same goes for the Order of the Phoenix — a lot less time could have been
    spent on random 'blips' and lengthy special effects and dedicated to more

    This is something the two previous films, PoA and GoF, were actually more
    successful at doing.

    Though on that same note, I think every book from GoF onwards should have
    been split into two, or made into a 3.5 hour epic film like the Lord of the
    Rings. There is too much information that needs to be covered.

    I still say the WB should have hired Peter Jackson. Grrr.

  8. the whole ron/lav ron/heroine dude really??? it's just like the books in fact there's more ron/hermoine in the movie than in the book

  9. You really think so?

    Maybe if I see it again, but I don't agree with that.

  10. I wasn't a fan of the burrow burning down since it is essential in the beginning of the next book! Is that supposed to be a hint that the next film won't have that scene with the multiple Harry's and his wand turning on voldemort on its own? That would be an AWFUL mistake on the filmmakers part.

    They definitely failed to invoke the amount of emotion they could have over Dumbledore's death. The closest thing Harry has to a father figure dies, and all you get is one scene of mourning? It was a funny movie, but that would have given it more room for a sad ending.

    I think the horcrux explanation was sufficient, but what they did not explain (and only hinted at briefly, but you'd never know if you didn't read the books) is the casting of spells silently.

    The lack of the battle scene in the castle also makes me wonder if there will be any attention paid to the first few chapters of the next book where Harry is with the Weasleys. Isn't the Hogwart's mini-battle where Bill gets disfigured by a werewolf and Fleur fights for her man? Is he just going to show up all messed up in the next movie with no explanation or will he not be there at all? Hmmm…

    Oh, and not showing Harry breaking up with Ginnie at the end? Hmm.. not a fan of that either.

  11. ashleyellene says

    I for one had high expectations for this movie and it was horrible in my opinion. David Yates did do an OK job visually. But my problem is the movie highlighted unnecessary relationship while leaving out/minimizing others. Along with that a lot of the essential parts of the books were left out all together.

    Alan Rickman did a superb job as always but it is not like the movie challenged his acting abilities any.

    This movie was especially disappointing given the amount of time the movie was delayed. How did J.K. Rowling watch and approve this movie? With the 8 month delay they should have re-edited and reshot parts of the movie.

    The movie did have highlights. Like the ones you listed but overall the movie was disjointed and awfully slow. Which the laughs and the action did not make up for.

    All I have to say is the last two movies need to be a major improvement from this or I think a lot of Potterheads will be rioting. lol.

    I think that even non-readers knew this movie was horrible. When a movie is bad it is bad and this movie is bad. All the people that went with me were non-readers and no of them liked the film.

    I will still be watching it in IMAX but I will never be happy with it. The movie was the worst out of the batch in my opinion. Even worse than the fourth and that's saying something.

    My favorite movies are currently the 1st and the 5th but that is subject to change.


  12. Personally, I like 5 the best so far.

  13. ashleyellene says

    Agreed 5th is my favorite by far but there is something magical about the 1st.

  14. This is true.

    I love the room w/ the flying keys. They did a fabulous job with that.

    You know what though too — I loveeeed Kenneth as Lockhart! I died laughing.
    He was fabulous in Chamber of Secrets!

  15. Al right, so after just watching the midnight screening, I had have a HP discussion about the film. the more i think about the film the more and more i hate it. They stuff they took out, although not as much as the last, still screwed things up. In my opinion any way.

    stuff i liked:
    to tell you the truth i quite liked how Snape puts his finger to his lips to silence Harry during dumbledores death scene. even though most times when they change a scene, my robes are up in a bunch
    (great fan vid material)

    Harrys liquid luck drug trip. Halarious.

    Bella, as always was great!! There is no one else that could have played her. As Sasha said, she is the definitive of her role

    Michael Gambon. he did it. it took 3 movies but he finally did it. he figured out how to play dumbledore. This is coming from a die hard richard harris fan.
    props to you gambon.- deserves own topic

    slughorn was great, even without the stache.

    i seem to be running out of the things i liked… what a surprise?

    Stuff that pissed me off.
    wtf is with narcissas hair??? Looks like a giant skid mark atop her head if you ask me. not enough groveling during that scene.

    no scrimgeour!! or how ever you spell it. could easily have had this scene if they didnt put the useless burning of the burrow. WTF was that.

    it has been a while since i read this last book but am i missing something?
    when the hell do they burn the burrow??

    too much teenage romance and not enough obsession over the potions book. If i recall isnt this film called harry potter and the half blood prince? AKA harry potter and severus snape? well the directors didnt remember.This is quite irritating.

    sectumsempra scene wasnt as deep as i thought it would be, they dont really let you know how serious it is. although snapes portion was great, but hey, when arent his scenes.

    no speaking to the dursleys about the spell almost finishing. couldnt even mention it??

    they dont tell you that its the ring that caused the blackening of Dumbledores hand.

    not even close to enough info about Riddle and the memories. How the hell is Harry going to know how to find the horcruxes in the next damn film. Is he magically going to stumble upon all the clues during the most likely 2 hour camping trip that will take place in the next film?
    Load of flaming crap.

    no bloody battle at hogwarts during the death????? just bella being a shit disturber as usual. pissed me off a great deal.

    Dumbledores death scene was how you say, wack. And not the good wack. Although I did enjoy Alans take on the Avada Kedavra and Gambons death, it felt rushed and i didnt feel the signifince of the death of such an important character to the book.

    no funeral but that wasnt too bad. i mean they did point their shiny wands in the air….

    and finally, the scene that screwed me over the most. Snape DOES NOT say DONT CALL ME A COWARD! (in the film, last time there was a misinterpritation of this statement)
    what the flying fuck.

    one of the most powerful scenes in the book, the one i looked most forward to, and bam. just like that they peace it, oh ya by the way im the half blood prince.

    as you can see this killed me the most. that scene had its own chapter. you think they would give it a little more screen time.lets get real, Lavenders infatuation with ron is much more important…
    HBP reveal, is shit.

    all in all, i felt this movie was more of a film about teenage romance with a sub plot of a dark wizard who is going to destroy human kind. the second half just felt rushed, like they were trying to squeeze the rest of the book in with the wizard lust. I did, as i said above find this to be my favourite from the films, if you can believe it through all that rambling. Alas, the movie will never live up to our expectations, seeing as we would be perfectly happy if the 2hours and 33 minutes were all Severus scenes.

    Im just going to throw this out there but does anyone else notice this recurring theme of “lets focus all the attention to the completely wrong scenes compared to the book” in each film? And dont pull that crap of ” well they could never fit the whole book in 2 and a half hours”

    Bull shit. they easily could have said dont call me a coward instead of Alan staring at Harry for ten minutes( dont get me wrong every scene with him was out of this world) Had they not put this pointless burning of the burrow scene we could have had another memory. Instead of watching Lavender whore herself out to Ron for the millionth time, we could have had just a teensy bit more screen time for that little book, you know THE HALF BLOOD PRINCES POTIONS BOOK.

    Screw edward. Team Snape FTW.

  16. Oh!!! I loved that too!!!! OMG! Snape putting his finger to his lips! That
    was a “Hell, yes!” moment. Yes, yes, yes!!!

    haha, and yea, Harry's Felix LSD trip — that was fabulous. Dan did a good

    Narcissa looked like a skunk if you ask me. lol Horrible. They should have
    chosen Liz Hurley or Nicole Kidman!
    Billy Nighy (I think that's how you spell it) will be Scrimgeour in the
    Deathly Hallows, they just casted him.

    The Dumbledore death, Dumbleodore & Snape — argh!!!! I think you hit the
    nail on the head as well — they are making GREAT films, just NOT great
    Harry Potter films. I keep saying it over and over — and most people except
    for one in my knowledge agree with me. If we hadn't read the books, the
    films would be bloody fantastic! But because we've read them (multiple times
    in fact) we know better — and we know the films are crap.

    Goodness, I swear if they muck up the “Look At Me” from the Deathly Hallows,
    I will so be writng Warner Bros. about how crappola they are. And I'll
    probably go postal on them on my blog — maybe copy and paste in an open
    letter or something too, lol.

    But in the Half-Blood Prince — the Burrow on fire……….that WAS NOT in
    the book. I don't get it because that's where Bill and Fleur have their
    wedding in book 7, so this also makes me wonder — will they rebuild it for
    book 7? And if so ….. how? It's not like the Weasley's have the money to
    rebuild an entire house.

    There are so many plot holes it bothers me.

    I really prefer the Order of the Phoenix film.

  17. Some of the major things that bothered me were one, that there was no talk between Dumbledore and Harry as to what the other Horcruxes are, which wasn't in any of the memories either, so Harry is going in blind as to what the otherones are. Secondsly, what was up with Harry going into Dumbledore's office after he was dead and taking his wand, aka the Elder Wand? I do agree that the love was wayyyy over played, especially Ron/Herm, too obvious they'll marry. They cut the Hogwarts battle scene because they said it would be repetitive, but it will be 2 years til we see it again, plus it happened, you can't neglect what happened, JK didn't think it was too repetitive. Next is the funeral, really needed to have closure for everyone in their world, as well as us. The Burrow battle, why??? Why do they put extra things that didn't happen when there is an entire book full of things that need/should have a higher priority than that? Plus what did irk me about this scene, they are WIZARDS, don't just stand there and let it burn, point your wants and use Augamenti! DUH!!!!!! Nothing really went into Tonks' rather gothic appearance, and I highly agree on your not enough Prince, he didn't get get the Bozzar thing from him, he got that from Slughorn tellin his first years about it, WTF??? Why can Dumbledore Apperate inside Hogwarts?? If he is that great, shouldn't Voldemort be able to? Finally what again really irked me was now enough use out of the Invisibility Cloak, he uses it on the train, but thats about it. He should have used it when following Snape/Draco during SlugClubs Christmas Party and on the trip to get the Horcrux, there Dumbledore uses the freezing spell on Harry, and Snape doesn't seem in or sneak up on him!!! Its rather VITAL to the whole DEATHLY HALLOWS plotline….

  18. You know I was also wondering about the Elder Wand…there was no mention or
    sight of what could have been it in the 6th film.

    Good catch!

  19. Thanks, I just thought it was weird that they added that, and McGonngal coming in as he was walking out, at least they showed Dumbledores old Headmaster Photograph.

  20. Yea, me too.

    Though that makes me wonder if they'll do the same for Snape in the DH pt. 2
    film. Or will they cut him out like they did this time.

    The more I dwell on it, the more I hate the film to be honest. It went from,
    “oh I love it as a regular fim” but “it's just okay as a HP book-to-film,”
    to know I feel the latter is, “oh no, it actually was a horrible

    I wondered about the Elder Wand when I saw the film, but it didn't come back
    to my attention until you mentioned it again.

    I really think the film was too lovey dovey. And if it had to be that lovey,
    it should have stayed true to Ron and Hermione with a lot less Ron and

  21. Oh and another thing I don't like is how the Death Eaters fly around just themselves w/ those black tails and junk, wizards can't do it, thats why there is apperation, brooms, and the floo network. Also, it just hit me but they couldn't have destroyed the Millennium Bridge, because he couldn't have be contructed, it was the Brockdale Bridge. Since Potter is set in the 90's the Millennium Bridge wasn't even started!

  22. That's a very good catch actually. I didn't even think about that! The
    Millennium Bridge was built…for the Millennium. Potter takes place in the
    early 1990s.

    Why don't you like the black smokey Death Eaters? You're not the first
    person I've heard say this — but I like it. I feel like it adds to their
    'dark' appeal. The OotP has white smokey 'tails,' when they move.

  23. IDK, just doesn't appeal to me! I mean whats the point of brooms when if every wizards can fly around as they wish. I mean it looked like they were going as fast or faster than Harry on his Firebolt! I really didn't like it in the DoM scene at the Ministry in the last film, especially when they grabbed the rest of the DA, besides Harry then the Order swooped in all white. Just Apperate for heavens sakes!

  24. lol, that is a good point. Mostly, although it is not canon, I like think
    the special effects about it were great. I can let it slide.

    Is it me, or does Tonks new “look” look really terrible? I don't like it one
    bit…she looks older and creepy.

  25. lol, that is a good point. Mostly, although it is not canon, I like think
    the special effects about it were great. I can let it slide.

    Is it me, or does Tonks new “look” look really terrible? I don't like it one
    bit…she looks older and creepy.

  26. IDK, just doesn't appeal to me! I mean whats the point of brooms when if every wizards can fly around as they wish. I mean it looked like they were going as fast or faster than Harry on his Firebolt! I really didn't like it in the DoM scene at the Ministry in the last film, especially when they grabbed the rest of the DA, besides Harry then the Order swooped in all white. Just Apperate for heavens sakes!

  27. lol, that is a good point. Mostly, although it is not canon, I like think

    the special effects about it were great. I can let it slide.

    Is it me, or does Tonks new “look” look really terrible? I don't like it one

    bit…she looks older and creepy.