{Harry Potter: A History} 100 Ways You Know You Are Obsessed with Harry Potter

Bella Bella tricks le Strange

More Pink Book Potterness Supremo! *wheee*

1. You know you have never read too much Harry Potter.
2. You compare all other fantasy, action, mystic, love, comedy, adventure everything to Harry Potter.
3. A little piece of you died with Severus Snape.
      a. Actually, you cried for Dumbledore, Sirius, Cedric, Hedwig, Dobby, Fred, Tonks, Lupin, and all the rest.
            i. You actually hold it against J.K. Rowling for breaking part of your heart.
4. You consider Severus Snape a contemporary Byronic (<– this is an academic piece in a .pdf file for you to read and download, should you so choose, there is one more here called “To Sir, With Love: Mapping the World of Harry Potter) hero – and you classify him with Mr. Darcy, Mr. Rochester and Heathcliff.

Unbreakable Vow.

5. You can pronounce ‘Hermione.’ But say it like Viktor Krum for laughs. “Herm-o-ninny!”
6. You own all seven Harry Potter books, the two textbooks written by J.K. Rowling and the Tales of the Beedle Bard.
7. You own all the DVDs of the Harry Potter films.
8. You’ve bought every book since the Goblet of Fire at midnight, stayed up to read it, and were finished no later than 10 a.m. that morning.
      a. You’ve gotten hate mail from people because they couldn’t resist the Internet and decided to blame you for ‘spoiling’ the story for them at 10:01 a.m. after you’ve posted your in-depth thoughts on your Facebook.
            i. You told them very nicely, they should have avoided certain places on the Internet like everyone else, as it was bound to happen.
                   1. You thought, good riddance if they then ‘de-friended’ you.

Baby Tom Marvolo Riddle. Cuteness.

9. You take a strangely active interest in the lives of the characters and the actors who play them on screen.
      a. You ‘follow’ them on Twitter.
      b. You are highly amused by the three-way conversations between @TomFelton @FeltBeats and @MattDaveLewis.You get some great Twitter laughs on a bad day courtesy of these three way conversations.

Draco's decision.

10. You are counting down the days until the Harry Potter museum tour is in your hometown – or the nearest in travelling distance – so you can attend.
11. You cannot go to England without going to Oxford so you can see part of ‘Hogwarts.’
      a. Don’t forget King’s Cross too, to take pictures with Platform 9 ¾

Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince Movie Poster: Death Eaters

12. It’s “LeviOsa” not “LevioSA!”
13. You’ve tried those Bertie Bott’s Every Flavoured Jelly Beans made by Jelly Belly just because you wanted to feel more like a wizard…although the flavours do include vomit, grass and earwax.
      a. You have also tried some other form of Wizarding candy – like chocolate frogs!

Hermione in Goblet of Fire

14. You have referred to those less than you as ‘Muggles.’
15. Your friends and yourself have already made mental save the dates, and are starting to plan your adventure to Orlando, Florida to go into the new theme park via Universal Studios called The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
      a. Not only that, but when you have visited previously, you try to ‘sneak a peek’ at the construction!
            i. At least once a year. That is the only point of visiting Universal Studios over Magic Kingdom.
                   1. It’s times like this you are beyond glad you are a Florida resident.
                           a. If not, you are jealous of those sunny Floridians.

Ron: "No, Hermione." Hermione: "Yes, Ronald!" Harry: "Do the two of you ever shut up?"

16. You say “Lumos” to turn on the lights.
17. You really wish Avada Kedavra worked…
18. You would love some Veritaserum.
19. You know which Hogwart’s House you would be sorted into and regardless of stereotypes you are proud of which one you subscribe you. Heck, you kind of already knew where you belonged.
20. You mother-in-law/father-in-law are “He/She-who-must-not-be-named.”

Ron plays Quidditch in the Half-Blood Prince

21. You know who each of the Defense Against the Dark Arts professors were and what happened to each of them from Book One all the way to Book Seven.
22. You want an owl…
23. You’ve learned some Latin to understand spells and create your own.
24. You have seen “The Mysterious Ticking Noise” on YouTube, added it to your favourites, and you sing it.
25. You bought the Limited Edition Tales of the Beedle Bard via Amazon.com — it’s the most expensive book you have ever bought outside of your textbooks for school.
26. You have no problems calling the Dark Lord ‘Voldemort,’ ‘Voldey,’ or any other name, for he has many.

The Half-Blood Prince.

27. Speaking of the Dark Lord, you really think he got it on with Bellatrix Lestrange, and he’s the main reason she is such a nut job.
28. You make Butterbeer for Christmas holidays instead of Egg Nog.
29. You call the teachers/professors you do not like ‘Umbridge,’ and your boss from hell ‘Fudge.’

Ravenclaw Luna's Gryffindor ... hat.

30. Your parents, friends and family members think you are slightly nuts when it comes to Potter…but they love you anyway.
31. Your solution to moving people in pictures, is a digital frame, loaded up with .gif photos you have edited in Photoshop!
32. You thought, since Tolkien wrote elf languages, you could learn to talk snake!

The Flower of the Court

33. You want more than seven books, including, but not limited to: a prequel (preferably seven books based on the time of the Marauders and Severus Snape), a Potter encyclopedia and your own 1,000 page version of Hogwarts a History.
34. You calls mirrors “Erised.”
35. You want a classic toy train…except it needs to look like the Hogwarts Express.

Cedric Diggory and Cho Chang

36. You quote the novels…all the time.
37. You not only quote the novels, you allude to all things Harry Potter in everyday life.
38. You automatically whack someone who says anything negative about Potter.


39. You know that there are multiple versions to the jacket covers for the Harry Potter novels. You even know which set you prefer above the rest!
40. Halloween is now an excuse for you to dress up as a Harry Potter character. You own no other costumes. Even if you were supposed to be a fairy – you could pass as a Cornish Pixie and rope a guy friend into being your date, dressing him up as Lockhart.
41. You have read/written/reviewed Harry Potter fanfiction of some kind and have a deep, infested opinion about it.
      a. That being said you know what Ashwinder is, as well as, Schnoogle, HPFF and AFF.

Bella trying to tease Severus in Spinner's End in the Half-Blood Prince

42. You have met at least one stranger in the world, and became friends with them in real life because your conversation started over your love for Harry Potter. *cough*Keira*cough*
      a. You are more open to a conversation with a stranger when they start to talk about Harry Potter.
                i. You pull a Narcissa Malfoy on people who can’t ‘get with’ Harry Potter.
43. You can name the people/places/websites that all popped up between 1999-2003 in the ‘Golden Age’ of Harry Potter on the Internet.
      a. That being said, you know what Twinkle-Twinkle housed, you know who Cassandra Claire is and why no one likes/respects her anymore, you know who Monica Starling is and you’ve read ‘the infamous story’ by Reily called “Pawn to a Queen.”

Looney Lovegood

44. You don’t enter contests normally…unless they are Potter related.
45. You analyze/look for the political satire in the Harry Potter books and it only makes you appreciate them more.
      a. Actually, you look at the stage for current and continuing world politics and compare it to Harry Potter.
46. Every single time you’ve had a terrible experience in school you mutter to anyone who will listen (and understand), “F%&# this, I’m going to Hogwarts!”
47. You love the Lord of the Rings and the Chronicles of Narnia, appreciate Star Wars and Star Trek, and have mild (or none at all because you think she’s a hypocritical, literary idiot) tolerance for Stephenie Meyer.

Malfoy Sr.,

48. You really enjoy reminding all those Twilighters about the fact that Edward Cullen is being played by Cedric Diggory and that the WB changed the Half-Blood Prince’s release date, the first time, as to not insult Rowling’s work being released at the same time with Meyer.
      a. Even if that isn’t the case, you imagine it so, because no one compares to the literary goddess that is Joanne Kathleen Rowling
49. You’ve dressed up to the watch the Harry Potter movies at midnight, or you have attended the midnight showing with people who do dress up.
      a. If you didn’t dress up, you a) wore a commemorative color for your Hogwart’s House of choice, or put a sign on your body that says, “Muggle.”

Lucius Malfoy in Malfoy Manor

50. You know the names, professions and spousal families of all the Weasley kids via Arthur and Molly Weasley.
51. Once you discovered Abraxas Malfoy – you were in awe. That and you like to say his name, “Abrax-asss.” “Ab-rax-sass.” “Ub-racx-sass.” Yea, okay…whatever.
       a. You also would imagine Lucius Malfoy to have better hair than anyone you know…including yourself. *shock!*
52. After the Deathly Hallows, you thought about it for five minutes and decided, “Albus Severus? WTF? I’m naming my kid Scorpius!”
a. Then you joined the group on Facebook stating that fact.
      b. But then you decided if you had two boy children, one would be ‘Severus’ and the other would be ‘Scorpius.’
      c. You have yet to decide a name for your girl child.

The Girls of Beauxbatons

53. You own/want/will buy one of the replicas of Voldemort’s horcruxes from the Noble Collection.
      a. Actually, you own at least one item from the Noble Collection.
54. You’ve spent a few hours trying to figure out how to get to the ‘Easter Eggs’ on the Harry Potter DVDs.
      a. You gave up, and went online to find out how to view those deleted scenes.

Lucius and Harry in the Department of Mysteries

55. You were really angry that the Whomping Willow mysteriously changed locations in the film for the Prisoner of Azkaban.
56. You are even more angry that Umbridge likes pink, tea, pearls and kittens – she is giving your tastes a bad name!
57. Your mobile phone rings to Hedwig’s Theme by John Williams.
      a. You thought John Williams was robbed for not winning an Oscar for Hedwig’s Theme!
58 . You are absolutely sure that Sirius Radio is just an undercover extension of Harry Potter taking over the radio.

FIRST LOOK: The Trio in the Deathly Hallows

FIRST LOOK: The Trio in the Deathly Hallows

59. You were really sad that on your 11th Birthday you received no letter from Hogwarts…however, many years later you still have hope.
60. ‘Cerberus’ is no longer called ‘Cerberus’ in your vocabulary, you refer to the three-headed dog, who guards Hades, as ‘Fluffy.’
61. You are convinced your awful second-grade teacher was a Death Eater in hiding. (She was positively ghastly! You know?)

Fantistical Fantasy: Voldemort (Ralph,) Bellatrix (Helena,) Dumbledore (Michael,) and Harry (Dan)

62. You celebrate Harry Potter on July 31 each year!
63. Your friends come to you with mythical, fantastical and other related questions because they know you know about that stuff since you are a die-hard Potter fan anyway.
64. You totally saw it coming – Dumbledore is gay! Awesome!
65. You totally saw it coming – Snape and Lily were BBF back in the day! Even more awesome! Yes!
66. You mentally connect nearly everyone you meet to a) their Hogwarts house b) a Harry Potter character c) Death Eater, non-Death Eater, other or not worthy.

Bellatrix Lestrange fleeing Azkaban in Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix

67. You tend to get a little fiery if people mistake the Hungarian Horntail and the Norwegian Ridgeback breed of dragon.
68. You attempt (and successfully do) integrate Harry Potter-esque fashion items into your daily wardrobe. This way you look stylish, are in fashion and are reflecting your own personal style.
69. You watched Mel Gibson’s The Patriot and thought, “Wow, Lucius looks great as a brunette too!”
      a. Then you watched Peter Pan and thought, “Lucius certainly knows his way around role-playing.” *shrug*
70. When you first saw the previews for the Half-Blood Prince and watched Hero Fiennes Tiffin, you thought, “Aww, what a cute-soon-to-be-most-evil-man-on-the-plant.” Then you recalled Jake Lloyd in Star Wars Episode I.

Cedric Diggory (yes, ladies, that's old school Edward Cullen)

71. You take it personally that Warner Bros. a) allowed Helen McCrory to play Narcissa Malfoy and b) made her look like skunk.
      a. You still say, they should have made the ‘British exception’ and cast Nicole Kidman…she’s sort of British, they could have bent the rules and blamed it on colonialism!
72. Helena Bonham-Carter makes you love Bellatrix Lestrange more, if not love her if you did not before. She.is.perfect.for.the.role.
73. You look at Ralph Fiennes’ previous films and think to yourself, “hmm, so that’s what Voldey looked like pre-red eyes and a snake nose!”
74. You were very happy when the Oxford English Dictionary adopted ‘Muggle’ in 2003.

Luna at the Slug Club party in the Half-Blood Prince

75. You wrote letters to DuWop and Mattel, telling them how ridiculous they are for making cosmetics and Barbie dolls for those reject-vegetarian vampires from Twilight, but not Harry Potter.
       a. Hello — Madame Malkin’s Mauve Lipstick! Hermione Hair Iron! Draco my Malfoy lip tint! Lickalicious Lucius lip balm! Cho me your Cha Chang eyeshadow! Gringotts Golden Bronzer! Lip Venom Veritaserum orange lip stain! Narcissa: the perfume! And Severus Snape Ken Doll!
                 i. (p.s. if you work for any of the above companies and I choose to use my creative names for products, do cut me commission for my creative juices! Ask yourself, what would J.K.R. do?)
76. You learned a new skill to express your Harry Potter creativity – i.e.) costume jewelry making to sell on Etsy your Potter creations or Photoshop and/or Poser to create fan art to display on DeviantArt.
77. You are convinced that being a ‘Potterhead’ is the new ‘Trekkor’/’Trekkie’
78. Your Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or Blog have had something Harry Potter related on it.

Faceoff: Harry v Draco

79. July is considered Harry Potter season to you. During this month you have the urge to reread your books and watch the films.
80. You had severe Post-Potter Depression after the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
       a. You think J.K. Rowling traumatized you.
81. Even though you have passed the age for pop culture daily organizers/year calendars, you still purchase a Harry Potter one. It gives your mind some peace.

Goblet of Fire: Not everything is as it seems.

82. You have gotten into arguments with people about the ‘facts’ in Harry Potter: what happened where, when, how and to whom?
83. You know the music from Harry and the Potters etc.,
84. You travelled to New York, just to see Dan Radcliffe perform in Equus.

Half-Blood Prince: Harry and Hermione

85. When your friends/family see new Potter information before you do, they make sure to call or email you because they know what a fan you are.
86. You read Artemis Fowl and thought of the Goblet of Fire
87. You wish someone could love you the way Severus loved Lily.
       a. You also think she’s an ungrateful b***h for treating him the way she did.
88. You have a puppy and named him Remus or Sirius – Moony or Padfoot.
89. You’re a little sad, because every gigantic British actor and actress is in the Harry Potter films, except Hugh Grant and Colin Firth. You’re wishing more for Colin than Hugh to make an appearance. It would make you way too happy to see Mr. Darcy in Wizarding land.

Harry and Ginny on the wet Quidditch pitches in the Half-Blood Prince

90. People buy (or take random pictures) random and unusual Harry Potter things for you because they know you are a diehard fan and will appreciate it.
91. You want/tried to write with a quill just to see how it would go.
92. When you hear Celtic music you think of Seamus Finnigan or Hagrid sitting in his hut.
93. Luna Lovegood is just too funny. She genuinely makes you smile. Actually, you know someone with similar quirks and you love that you have such a vast friendscape.
94. Ginny Weasley really irritates you…like a lot.

March of the Death Eaters

95. You saw what happened to Fred Weasley in the Deathly Hallows and you considered writing a letter on his behalf to JKR – “Dear J.K. Rowling, WTF?, Fred. xx”
96. Once you saw Fenir Greyback – you ran to the other direction towards Stephenie Meyer’s world, where Jacob Black looked 100% more appealing.
97. On a serious note, you applaud anything that gets children to read in an age when not many do and were often ostracized for being ‘geeky;’ Harry Potter is the bridge between that gap. Period.
98. Anything Harry Potter related is worth more than its weight (determined by you) a zillion times over in galleons.
99. This list highly amused you.
100. You know you have never seen too much Harry Potter.

** Feel free to comment and add to the list **


Score yourself:
If you can relate to…

25+ = rather knowledgeable about Harry Potter
45+ = a knowledgeable Muggle
65+ = Squib
85+ = Welcome to Hogwarts young Padawan

Live long and Potter!


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  4. thanks, glad you liked it 🙂

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  8. MRS. BIEBER says

    I AM GOING TO MARRY JUSTIN BIEBER AND WERE GOING TO HAVE KIDS AAND HAVE A BEUTIFUL LIFE TOGETHER I LOVE YOU JUSTIN OHH AND WILL YOU MARRY ME JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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