Dior Kicks Off Paris Couture

By: Jenn Ortiz, guest blogger

Dior kicked off the couture shows in Paris today. Recession be damned. According to Fashion Week Daily, the turn out exceeded expectations, although Ms. Wintour was noticeably absent. When I first saw some of these pictures, which were tweeted directly from the show, I said “Whoa! 80’s color inspiration mixed with 50’s, Mr. Galliano?” What do you think? I see the pantless/skirtless trend continues, as well. Mr. Zee tweeted that the finale dress required two ushers, but I have yet to see a photograph. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if quality photographs were tweeted or posted as the show is in process? More photos after the jump.


Jenn Ortiz is a graduate of the University of Florida with degrees in History and Latin American Studies with hopes to pursue a PhD in Child Development. She believes there is beauty in everything around us; from the inside out, outside in. She currently runs {Bits of Beauty}, a place you just feel good about.