Clouded Glasses: Disney’s TweedleDumber ‘Alice’ PR fail

Right so — I’m excited about ‘Alice‘ and you’re excited about ‘in Wonderland‘ too. So much so, that Twitter’s been trending it for hours, Facebook status messages are popping up and there is buzz in the blogsphere.

But does someone, anyone for that matter, want to explain to me — why in the world Disney is pulling the trailer for the film from YouTube & alike?

So we all know, that YES, Tim Burton is supposed to show the trailer at San Diego’s Comic-Con tomorrow — but are you really surprised it leaked early?

Comin-Con will have a few hundred people attend, but YouTube has a few million viewers. It is typically smart publicity, to use the FREE promotions you’ve been given and run with them. Not hack them down in spite. But that’s what Disney’s doing. Even if it messes up your big hopes and plans — the unseen can often have beautiful results. In this case, if allowed, those results would be, thousands of views and reposts of the trailer via …. none other than YouTube.

But alas, it isn’t so.

This is a PR FAIL in my books. Sorry, Disney, I love you enough to tell you “it just ain’t so.”

YouTube is the biggest video library on the Internet. It’s made stars out of ordinary folks and make ordinary folks out of stars. One would imagine, that regardless of whether the trailer leaked 24-hours ahead of schedule, Disney would welcome the blitz, lights and buzz surrounding their latest venture. But no, they’re shutting it down faster than bright buzz lights kill flies.

The message on YouTube:-

“This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by The Walt Disney Company. “


At least IGN has refused to take the videos down — enjoy 🙂

Prepare now, and read the book:



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