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{Rules of PR no.16} You Know You Have a Communication Problem When…

by: gcman105 via FlickR

You know you have a communications problem when…

  • you start a message on Twitter
  • respond to the response on Facebook
  • respond to the Facebook response via text message
  • reply to text message via e-mail
  • e-mail back via another e-mail account
  • and end said conversation with a phone a call.
  • …then you follow-up with cheek and giggles on Twitter.


Really? Oh, indeed.

Seriously? Serious.

We live in an age of mass everything. There are so many outlets to communicate upon that sometimes, [Read more…]

Music Monday – Jay Sean’s “Down” ft. Lil Wayne

Desi R&B singing sensation Jay Sean is back…and he’s cracked the American market. Oh, yes!

Teaming up with Hip-Hop superstar Lil Wayne, Jay Sean returns to the  music scene with a new catchy tune called “Down.” It’s cracked the American mainstream market and is currently no.13 on iTunes.

Long awaited, and many moons long past My Against Myself – it’s finally happened. I personally LOVE this track. It’s a little different than previous Jay and is quite of a different [Read more…]