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Clouded Glasses: Disney’s TweedleDumber ‘Alice’ PR fail

Right so — I’m excited about ‘Alice‘ and you’re excited about ‘in Wonderland‘ too. So much so, that Twitter’s been trending it for hours, Facebook status messages are popping up and there is buzz in the blogsphere.

But does someone, anyone for that matter, want to explain to me — why in the world Disney is pulling the trailer for the film from YouTube & alike?

So we all know, that YES, Tim Burton is supposed to show the trailer at San Diego’s Comic-Con tomorrow — but are you really surprised it leaked early?

Comin-Con will have a few hundred people attend, but YouTube has a few million [Read more…]

Through the Looking Glass – FIRST LOOK of Burton’s ‘Alice’

Tim Burton's Alice (Mia Wasikowska)

Through the looking glass we go…the teaser trailer for Tim Burton’s much anticipated “Alice in Wonderland” was released leaked today. I wonder what Lewis Carroll would say if he were alive today.

Burton is such an untraditional director, even the strange seem stranger [Read more…]

Sarah Palin, You Make Me Wonder….

Photo By: The Associated Press

I know, she’s everyone favourite “rag” doll; no comment left unspoken, no wine left untasted, she dreamed a dream…or something like it.

While, trying to seem as level-headed as possible about this, Sarah Palin makes me wonder about the future of the human race.

Laugh, go on, I know you want to [Read more…]

{Harry Potter: A History} Something Wicked This Way Comes: Harry Potter…for Twitter

Catching on the Twitter craze, Warner Bros. has done it. Oh no? Oh yes, yes, yes!

Capitalizing [Read more…]

{Bookworm Reviews} Neil Gaiman’s “Stardust”

Image by Sasha H. Muradali. All Rights Reserved 2009.

Stardust is a novel by Neil Gaiman about a boy who fell in love with a star…literally.

But be not mistaken, this is not a romance novel. It is rather filled with adventure, lightning pirates, witches, scheming princes, slaved princesses and knowing trees. The story opens in a city not far from [Read more…]