Welcome to the Age of the Geek

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Generation-Y aka the Millennial Generation may be more responsible for what you see, read and hear than you know or think.

Smarter, savvier, edgier and more aggressive than those before them, as in each generation, the Millennials have been responsible for fueling a revolution of sorts: in the world and in cyberspace.

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Sure, thanks to Bill Gates and Steve Jobs we have computers.

  • But it’s thanks to Mark Zuckerberg we have the Facebook and it’s thanks to Jack Dorsey and Isaac “Biz” Stone that Twitter exists.

And on that note, we can thank Mr. Gates and Mr. Jobs for being the driving forces in technology for the past few decades.

  • But it’s thanks to the likes of people like Pete Cashmore, starting Mashable, Arianna Huffington, starting the Huffington Post and Ken “Caesar” Fisher, starting Ars Technica that technology, news, invention and social media have been able to meet with a vengence in order to satify the Millennial cravings.

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Sure CNN, Fox News, the Obama administration and alike are chit-chatting about the 2009 Iranian Elections.

  • But its thanks to Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, MySpace and Facebook, the Iranian people are able to stir support for their revolution like nothing the world has seen before.


Sure, Stan Lee created everything we know and love about Marvel Comics, George Lucas gave us Star Wars and our fathers intorduced us to Star Trek.

  • But it’s thanks to a Millennial fan base, obsessed with Super/Comic Cons, that we have seen an emergence of Marvel (and alike) based films sprouting out of Hollywood: Iron Man, Spider-man, The X-Men trilogy/Wolverine (TBA Magneto), Star Trek 2009 etc.

Sure, the BBC and CNN have been around for years and are a definitive news source in their respective regions.

  • But it’s thanks to YouTube that CNN felt the need to partner up with iReport.

Barbie by Karl Lagerfeld

Sure, Barbie has been around since the 1950s.

Twitter on your iPhone by Sizlopedia

Sure, we can thank Motorola for inventing the DynaTAC 8000X  and expanding what we know today as the mobile phone.

  • But it’s thanks to Gen-Y that the need, not the want, but the insatiable need, for application based, smart phones with cameras, organizers, translators and multi-type text options, such as, the iPhone, Palm Pre, Nokia N97 and Blackberry, are in existence. 

And most of all, sure it’s through word-of-mouth, gossip, newsletters, stolen diaries and secret letters, ‘hot’ information has been passed along previously.

  • But with the Millennial frame of mind, there are millions of blogs on the internet and counting…including this one. Who needs a telephone when you have AOL’s AIM, Skype, MSN Messanger and Meebo.

Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy in a poster for the film "Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince"/Harry Potter 6. HP owned by JK Rowling, image belongs to Warner Bros.

So sure, our parents’  wants overlap ours, but it’s the Millennial children, pounding the urgency for more.

What’s next? Who knows.

In an age of start-ups, online revolutions, texting (and sexting), the return of Spock  and NASA being super-cool again with the likes of @Astro_Mike — from movies to news the Age of the Geek is here: it’s cool to be smart again, it’s cool to know your pop culture and it’s cool to be a Potterhead or a Twilighter.

I welcome you to the Age of the Geek.

Use the Force to live long and blog, my friends! xx.

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Sasha Muradali runs the ‘Little Pink Book’ . She holds a B.S. in Public Relations from the University of Florida (’07) and an M.A. in International Administration from the University of Miami(’08). She loves Twitter and all things social media, so you should find her @SashaHalima.

Copyright © 2009 Sasha H. Muradali. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Alonzo Byrd says

    I can Digg it, Sasha. But here’s my take: The Melinnials are doing what they’re suppose to do — take us to the next level. It’s their responsibility, sometimes burden, to do so. So are the Melinnials asking for something for just waking up — after 10, of course?
    (Can you remove the earplugs from the I-Pod so you can hear what I’m saying?)
    alonzo :0)

  2. I agree with your post above, but let me pose this question – hopefully, I won’t sour anything. Are we the Age of the Geek, or are we simply looking for ways to make our lives easier? Are we embracing technology for the true power it provides or simply so we, as a society, can do less and get more? Are we still ego-driven where we want others to make our lives easier and more simple? I think part of the technological acceptance is due to our sense of entitlement.

    But….overall, a great post that touches on a lot of great points! Keep it up!
    .-= Kasey Skala´s last blog ..What about the small brands =-.

  3. haha, Alonzo, I was listening to my iPod as I read that.

  4. Hmm, Kasey, my take on it is — define the word ‘geek.’

    If ‘geek’ still holds the same definition it’s held since the 1960s, then we ARE ‘geeks,’ — even if that means we are only making our lives easier I would imagine.

    Thanks 🙂

  5. Hey Sasha! As an Xer, I don’t appreciate the assertion that Gen Y is “smarter” – maybe edgier and more aggressive, but smarter? Please explain 😉 !

  6. Hi Zoraya!
    Basically that’s why I added the sentence “as in each generation” — because isn’t that the truth? One generation is always one step ahead of the previous one because of growth and evolution.
    Though Bill Gates is a Baby Boomer and he’s smarter than an entire room of people, so who really knows? lol
    No worries, though and thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

  7. If it’s cool to be “geeky” is it really “geeky” anymore? It’s hip to have the latest and greatest gadget, so is technology considered geeky?
    .-= Kasey Skala´s last blog ..New site – I’ve moved =-.

  8. I don’t know. That’s a good question. So if ‘geeky’ is the new cool, then what’s the new ‘geeky’ I wonder? Does being ‘hip’ in the older sense of the word, make you seem more shallow for having less depth?

    Ah, I wonder, good question Kasey!

  9. iGoMogul says

    @Sasha @Kasey Whatever you name it, Geek, whichever generation, Millenial, you can either question the motivations of tech advancement or push to ensure that we embrace it for the true power it provides. It is up to us to decide not to go to the ‘Dark Side’.

    Sara @ iGoMogul

  10. Hey Sara, I can agree with that. I just find that it’s so interesting that in this day and age, the stuff we see people being made fun of for in the likes of Saved by the Bell or other shows — well, that’s now ‘cool.’

    It’s cool to be really into Harry Potter, or all of a sudden being a Trekkie is awesome.

    Whereas, if we look as the past few years, we see ‘geeks’ as the ‘uncool,’ not so awesome, people. I mean my little cousins watch Hannah Montana, and Miley Cyrus’ character aka ‘Miley’ is considered a ‘geek.’ — While, she’s not the smartest or the coolest, because she’s not her schools equal of a ‘Regina George’ character, she’s considered and ‘outsider.’ The thing is, by night she transforms into “Hannah Montana” making her really ‘cool.’

    Screech, from Saved By the Bell, was never a ‘Zack Morris’ at night.

    Then, I look around at the movie industry — since when were fantasy and comic books THAT popular? I mean Potter, to Narnia, to Spiderman, to Iron Man, to TWO versions of the Hulk, to going onto FIVE X-Men films…there is a market for it.

    What used to be considered ‘geeky’ is cool again.

    Lots of food for thought.

  11. I definitely agree that geeky is the new cool, so not being geeky (aka not having and being savvy with new technology) is the new geeky. Follow my train of thought and it makes sense 🙂

  12. I definitely agree that geeky is the new cool, so not being geeky (aka not having and being savvy with new technology) is the new geeky. Follow my train of thought and it makes sense 🙂