{iStyle} Dress Me Up in My Love

Cinderella by *slumberdoll via DA

This week’s {iStyle} will be guest blogged by: Sasha H. Muradali

Every little girl dreams of that one day; that faraway day in never-neverland when Peter Pan would swoop down onto her window sill and take her away into the forest of imagination.

I find as we get older we grow out of our childhood fantasies and tastes; often we hide them and indulge secretly. It’s a hidden part of our lives that no one sees. We keep it hidden away because exposing it exposes us. No one likes to be exposed: open and raw for the world to see. It’s a weakness. We don’t like to be weak, do we?

“You’re too old for that top,” they smirked.

People tell you to grow up all the time; they tell you to grow young too. Through the eyes of a child we remember how we used to be, what we used to want and where we used to imagine being. Through the eyes of an adult we foresee how we need to be, what we want and where we are.

“Dress your age,” they uttered.

Sure, we talk about our “image:” Am I sexy enough? Am I smart enough? Am I geeky enough? I’m skinny. Am I showing enough skin? Am I showing too much skin? I’m fat. Are my jeans making my butt look good? My feet are huge. What about that v-neck, is it low enough? My boobs are too small. How low is too low, how short is too short, before you’re accused of being a slut?

There are so many rules and regulations out there. There are too many rules and regulations. When did we let society dictate who we are and what we will become? Some of us say we are individuals, but are we, really? To be a true individual is to be unique, to be unique is to stand alone; no one wants to be alone.

“If you wear this, he’ll notice you,” they said.

Whatever happened to just being me? Dressing “me” up the way “me” looks? Why don’t I do that anymore?

Why? Why? Why?

“…because you aren’t a little girl anymore,” they continued.

Alice's Flamingo by =Sugarock99 via DA

Dress me up like Cinderella, so I can live out my own dreams of Prince Charming.

Tea, Mr Bear? by ~MissCadence via DA

Dress me up like my mummy, so she can live through me for the rest of my life.

Fashion model by *6Artificial6 via DA 

Dress me up like that girl in the magazine. I want to be in fashion.

Barbie by ~Stantonimaging via DA

Dress me up like Barbie, so I can seek my dream house.

A midsummer night's dream... by ~Magical-Lasso via DA

Dress you up in my love.

High Tea by =Sugarock99 via DA

Dress me up to see through the looking glass.

Dance with the water dragon by ~SAMLIM via DA

Dress me up in my love; dress me up to be me.

There will never be another no matter what: stay classy, stay fashionable, stay true, stay fresh, stay beautiful, but most of all, stay you.



Special acknowledgement to Saifra for our Tweet-chat on being beautiful, independent ladies.

Sasha H. Muradali is the owner of the Little Pink Book. She is a public relations professional, former rhythmic gymnast and philanthropist. Sasha has a B.S. Public Relations, minor Dance and International Communication from the University of Florida and an M.A. International Administration from the University of Miami.  Her passion is public relations, her idol is Audrey Hepburn and she adores the colour pink!

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