{iStyle} A tribute to Christian Lacroix

As you may have heard, Christian Lacroix filed for bankruptcy, as many others in fashion have done or are desperately trying to avoid. Lacroix’s name has been synonymous with high fashion and french luxury for over two decades. He has designed for Pucci, Hérmes, Patou, and his label was founded with LVMH.

Christian Lacroix "Absynthe" Parfum: Vlada Roslyakova by unicorn.humper

His work has been displayed in museums, his advertisements have been stuided in schools and he was given the Chevalier de Legion d’Honneur for his work. However, Lacroix never seemed to produce a product that sold well for the mass-market.

National Museum of Singapore - Christian Lacroix - Japanese by LynetteLan

In 2005, LVMH sold the line to a U.S. based group that tried to emphasize the haute couture collections, but in the end that tactic failed to make the company financially viable. According to the Independent, Lacroix has never turned a profit in 22 years of existence.

The truth is, designers need to be incredibly business savvy or have a great team surrounding them in order to keep the brand afloat. Ready-to-wear is a luxury for the average shopper and Couture is just a dream, if even that. The market for both is small and smaller, respectively. If a design house wants to turn a profit, the focus has to be placed on diffusion lines, accessories, and/or cosmetics. Couture is art, and not everyone can afford art, especially when times get tough.

Christian Lacroix Evian Bottle 3 by (reverse) via Flickr

In essence,
that is what Christian Lacroix is:
He is art.

He is an artist, and like most artists he has been willing to work for the satisfaction of giving the world beautiful creations – nothing more.

From us to you, for the beauty you have given … Thank you, Mr. Lacroix.


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