Edward Cullen Barbie, Jacob is hot & some Twilight Venom

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The New Moon book cover from the Twilight series. *purrr* I gotta tell you, Team Jacob never looked better. (Download the full size version here.)

And on that note! The popular lipgloss brand DuWop — famed by Lindsey Lohan for excessive use of their Venom lip products back in 2005 – is coming out with Twilight Venom!

“Be transformed. Let the alchemy transcend.” …one would hope, for Edward girls would be sad if it didn’t. Only time will tell, however.

Yes, Venom V. It’s a crimson stain and it’s limited 2 per customer when you order:

Pre-orders are now being taken. Enter your special code at checkout to receive the Us Weekly exclusive discount. If your DuWop order contains Lip Venom V, your entire order will ship July 1, 2009.

So now you too can get the tingly, sticky, stinging, sweet sensation on your lips vampire/wolfy style! *rawr!*

And so the lion fell in love with the lamb. …eh, sure.

Anyway, following in the footsteps of all that is holy and awesome in this world, Mattel is producing Edward and Bella Barbie dolls.

Where’s Jacob Ken? I’m waiting…

But I gotta say, as a dedicated Barbie girl, besides for the wool, trademark Edward jacket, that I wish was made in my size and for girls — these dolls are pretty awful.

As awful as the Barbie Holiday doll has been since the 1990s.  I’m not a fan. Personally, Spock Ken was hotter. But that’s just me.

Be a stalker and here are the specs, so can make sure, should you NOT choose to buy directly from a manufacturer (aka buying on eBay) you’re getting the real thing.
SKN Number: 837679
Product UID: CC88B045
UPC/EAN/ISBN: 027084819267
Manufacturer #: R4160

You can pre-order for the October 20 shipping  of your very own Bella-in-a-box and Edward-in-a-box from Toys’R’Us. Where is Harry Potter, Mattel? I’m waiting…for a Severus-Snape-in-a-Box…

Happy Week Twilighters 🙂


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  1. that doesn't even look like bella

  2. that doesn't even look like bella