Blog Carnivals, Roundups, Blog Rolls, Oh My!

Venice Carnival 2009 by RoniM via Flickr

By: Keira Gillett, guest blogger

Feel a bit like Dorothy when you look at the title of this post? Don’t worry the Wizard is here to help you figure it all out. All three have the ability to boost your Technorati score and potentially send new traffic to your blog.

Easy… right?

  • Blog Carnivals
  • A blog carnival is a post filled with links about a specific topic, hosted on a blog. The point of a blog carnival is to share with the hosts readers links from around the internet that are current, timely, and interesting.

    It’s hard to find the articles and the carnivals all on your own, that’s why this is such a great tool: whether you are looking to host and set up a carnival or if you are looking to promote some of your best posts, search keywords and submit your articles.

    Be courteous and apply to carnivals that are relevant.

    Do not spam the carnival with several posts all in one edition or posts that really do not apply to the topic. Just like everywhere else, bloggers talk and someone will eventually find out your dirty little plan.

    Ruby Slippers by Peter Alexander by Archangeli via Flickr

    • Roundups

    Roundups differ from blog carnivals because the writer researches and specifically selects each and every link in the post.

    This ability to be very selective is a big upside for a roundup over a carnival.

    How do you start a roundup? It depends — some bloggers get together and write roundups that include links to every member of the group. Other bloggers do it solo. It’s really up to you how you decide to do it. The downside is you might miss some great posts when you do a write up by keeping it within ‘the group.’

    • Blog Rolls aka Link Lists

    A blog roll is a list of links to blogs that you respect, enjoy, and want to share with readers.

    Most bloggers will agree to a link exchange — “I’ll pat your back if you pat mine.”

    Send an email and ask. The worse that can happen is a polite “no.”

    The best practice you will find is a combination of all three. It takes effort on your part to set everything up but the benefits far out way the trouble involved.

    Be a good blogger, be a friendly blogger and share with others.

    A blog half-lived is a blog lived in fear!

    Keira Gillett runs a book review blog for readers by readers on romance novels entitled Love Romance Passion. Visit her for an inside look into consumer reactions to products place on the market. She has a B.F.A. in Art from the University of Florida.

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