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{Rules of PR no. 11} PRoactive: Raw Social Media ‘Neda,’ #IranElection & #CNNwin

Iran in Flames by .faramarz via Flickr.

*(Photos by .faramarz on Flickr, in my opinion best photo stream on the Internet, alongside Mousavi1388)

Andrew Muellerandrewmueller @SashaHalima @anncurry #IranElection hashtag should be changed to #IranSlaughter

It’s no secret that for the past week the 2009 Iranian elections have been trickling through in mass numbers across the Internet, television and print.

From live blogging via the Huffington Post, to Facebook starting a Farsi version, to Twitter rescheduling its maintenance to Google, who, not only, is offering Farsi as a new translated service, but has also mapped out the embassies in Iran via Google Maps, there seems to be no real lack of information; even from CNN.

View Embassies Accepting Injured People in Tehran in a larger map

The American cable news network, who was once accused of failing to cover the election controversy when the streets of Tehran initially went up in flames, has been PRoactively [Read more…]