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In Millennial defense, Gen-Y is all about ‘me’

Millennial by FJ Gaylor via Flickr

Dear people born prior to 1980,

In defense of my generation, in lieu of a recent article in the Hernando by Matt Thornhill, umm no, we “don’t think that [we’re] special;” we know we are.

Just because you don’t understand us, doesn’t mean you should knock us, then patronize us by suggesting:

…The millennials really have only two aspirations in life:
To get rich or to be famous.

They all think they are special, or at least worthy of some level of fame.
In the long run this may be a good thing for America. To have a young, empowered, fearless generation coming of age during a worldwide recession and the continuing threat of terrorism – their confidence and ambition to solve all the problems we face means they could make real progress. Now that would [Read more…]

{iStyle} Closet Essentials: A Guide to Style for Men and Women

By: Jenn Ortiz, guest blogger

I’m sure you’ve heard it said before, by me and many others, that it is important to build a good and stylish wardrobe. WTF does that mean? What are we all blabbering on about? Well, I’ll tell you, right now. Today, we’re going to be covering the essential items every man or woman needs in his or her closet. Let’s get started. [Read more…]