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Google to launch Farsi-English translator

Ariya Melaat cartoon via Gooya News Iran

UPDATE: June 19, 2009 9:46 a.m.
Google HAS launched a Farsi translator. Visit the official
Google Blog and the actual translator for information and resources.

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In lieu of the the trending #IranElection, constant coverage and aftermath of the #CNNFail, the Huffington Post and journalist Ann Curry are reporting that Google, the search engine super-giant, is launching an Farsi to English translator on it’s website starting Friday June 19.

Yay? or nay?

8:59 PM ET — Huge news. For the last several days, people have been pressuring Google to make their homepage logo green for a day in a show of solidarity. They’ve decided to do something far more significant.

Tomorrow, Google will launch a Farsi/English translation service, an ingenious way to help Iranians and English speakers exchange information and aid each other more effectively. Add this to their Iran coverage on Citizen Tube, and their decision to relax standards on graphic videos for the scenes coming out of Iran, and they deserve some serious props.

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Speed of Social Media

Social Media by Matt Hamm via Flickr. All Rights Reserved 2009.

With Twitter facilitating Amazon and CNN to change their wicked ways through #AmazonFail and #CNNFail, the speed of social media has enabled itself to become a beacon and ultimate soundboard for news and information.

According to Mashable, at it’s peak, hashtag #IranElection was tweeting 221,744 tweets per hour [Read more…]