The Curse of American Idol: Adam to win, Kris to have the career…maybe?


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UPDATE: May 20, 2009 Kris Allen won Season 8 of American Idol

Tonight America decides who will win American Idol. But, seriously, regardless, who will have the bigger career?

Break it down, and let’s be honest, only two of the previous eight winners are the only ones to emerge with truly stellar, ground-breaking careers: Kelly Clarkson (the original American Idol) and Carrie Underwood.

Taylor Hicks is pretty lucky to be on the Broadway Across America tour of Grease, as Teen Angel, no less (the one-scene, Frankie Avalon’s character in the film). No one quite knows what happened to Ruben Studdard’s career and Fantasia Barrino? Well, we’re not going touch that topic.

Considering that one person can vote more than once, it is no secret that Idol is full of hot, inflated, skewed results. Think about it — who does America really want?

Back in Season 3, Jennifer Hudson came in seventh place and went on to win an Oscar and a Grammy for Dreamgirls, not to mention a spot in the Sex and the City movie and a place on its soundtrack.

Back in 2006, Chris Daughtry came in fourth. His band went on to snag four Grammy nominations and four American Music Awards. Not bad for the runner-runner-runner-ups of American Idol.

So now that it’s that time again, who will emerge as the real winner of American Idol?


So yes, for lack of a better phrase, he’s a pretty frickin’ awesome performer. Simon Cowell even picks him for the Idol winner. But his mysterious sexuality, neon hair and silver studs may just be a turn-off for the typical American, mainstream music buyer.

Think about it, back in 2004, people admitted to voting for George W. Bush over John Kerry because, while, Kerry seemed like an elitist, Bush seemed like the average guy at the bar down that street.

That was the election for the president of the United States of America, not American Idol. So with that mentality coming across to all things American, are the stars going to align for Adam?

Then again, with five states having legalized Gay Marriage, the emergence of Perez Hilton and the election of Barack Obama, maybe the state of the American scene has truly changed.

Could Adam Lambert really win it?


On the other hand, Kris Allen has a lot in common with two other highly successful, non-American Idol artists, Jason Mraz and John Mayer: clean-cut, handsomely rugged looks and one heck of a solid voice.

And let’s face it, while Starbucks is closing down their stores, that beachy, coffee house music has proven to be in for the long-haul. Remember last summer and “Love Song” by Sara Bareilles?

Randy Jackson did say that the Kris Allen version of “Heartless” was better than Kanye West’s.

Regina Spector, Tristan Prettyman, Colbie Caillat, Jeff Buckley, Feist and Jack Johnson all have loyal acoustic-guitar, contemporary folk music followings.

So who is to say Kris Allen isn’t next?



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  1. I love American Idol and have passed up many a meetings to rush home to go sit before the TV to watch. I was very disappointed when Danny Gokey was voted off, after all he has never been in the bottom three,although with America voting, i guess that doesnt matter.I was hoping that Danny & Kris would be the two battling for the final spot to be the American Idol. Dont get me wrong about Adam, he sings great , my only problem with him it seems that he screams in every song he sings.The only time he didnt scream when he should have is on Disco night when he came out with this slow song, and the Judges were wowed. I am still trying to understand it as Disco to me is something else.
    Well since its Kris and Adam in the final , may the best man win(although i am hoping its Kris.

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