TGIF: Tweeting trends #AnnoyAtrekkie & #ApatheticBond to end a flustering week, #FollowFriday

It’s Friday (#FollowFriday in Twitter-land) and time to let your hair down out of the strung up, tight-knitted bun it’s been in all week.


What better way to do so than with some purposeless rubbish in the form of a couple of laughs via the social media, Kingdom of Twitter? 

This week, the Twitter world has been reeling over some creative (and not so much) tweets about Star Trek, Bond and childhood memories.

Below are just a few highlights, to make you laugh and tell yourself, THANK-GOD-IT’S-FRIDAY! And in the tradition of all things Twitterific, #FollowFriday these Tweeps. No harm, no foul.

(P.S., if you are new to Twitter and have no idea what I’m talking about go here.)

@MitchBenn: What about “Unipussy?”
@rgphotographic: Roger Less
@jockso: Probable Best Not To Say Never Again, But It’s Up To You Really
@psmorrison: A Teaspoon Of Solace
@ihateyourad: “Never Say Never Again — Unless You Need To. Who Am I To Say?”
@roboticmonkey: Dr. Oh alright then, but just this once
@TheToyDetective: For Four Eyes Only (n.b. I can say that, I’m bespectacled)
@echtburge: A View To Wishing He’d Just Piss Off And Die 

@SashaHalima Pluto was a planet.
@captain_doodle: Lucozade came with a satisfyingly crinkly translucent amber wrap which u could put over ur eyes to create yellow robot vision
@thom_white: Neapolitan ice cream was considered exotic. And so was pasta, garlic, curry & spaghetti bolognaise. Wine was posh!
@lesanto: A snowball was a ladies drink not a ladies sex act
@lesanto: You didn’t have ‘personality disorders’ you were just an a**hole�
@saruuh123: Furbys were kings… 

@DJ_Minja Death Star blows up the Enterprise
 @a_rocket_can “Picard, I am your Father!” – Noooooooooooooooo!”
@livin4hymn So…Vader is Pickard who is also Kirk’s father, right?
@SashaHalima me-sah lied, LAST one, promise RT @purplehayz: They should never have had that Jar Jar Binks run the bar on the Enterprise
@CYMarin1 Spock is the one with the ribs on his forehead, right?
@pixelbuffer: I hope they bring the Ewoks back in the next Star Trek, they’re so cute. I love that Chewbacca’s have kids too.
@sShap so that’s why Kirk and Spock look so young. They regenerated! (and #DrWho)

@thewinekone: If I was a Vulcan, I’d use my nerve pinch on your ****.
@Jezriyah: I can’t wait for the scene where Kirk negotiates a 5-star hotel room for 2-star prices.


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