Return of the Scottish Songstress: Susan Boyle sings Memory

Alrighty music fans, here we go, below is the latest Susan Boyle video from the UK television show Britain’s Got Talent. The woman dubbed as the, “The Woman Who Shut Up Simon Cowell” returned last night to perform “Memory” from Cats (originally sung in the West End by her idol Elaine Paige.)

It’s been awhile since her stints on Oprah, ABC News (and every other major television show) and after the infamous makeover, it is possible that the same audiences that fell in love with her would have grown tired of her.

Even Mr. Cowell warned against it. He made it clear that she did not win as the show is not over. But that doesn’t seem to have stopped the Susan Express…just yet.

Round 2: “Memory” from Cats


 But if that performance isn’t enough and  the Adam Lambert predictions for American Idol taught us nothing — the internet buzz and the emergence of social media behind you, doesn’t always predict who will really win.

Internet sites like YouTube, Twitter, MySpace and Facebook all were influential in promoting Susan’s rise to fame. It’s probably safe to say, YouTube was the biggest facilitator in the set with her videos hitting over two million views within the first 72-hours — within a week over 60 million views.

Round 1:

“I dream a dream” from Les Misérables


Regardless, rumor has it, Simon Cowell is setting up a record deal for her with Syco Records, a subsidiary of Sony Music, whether or not she does win.

Piers Morgan did say Susan “was the biggest wake up call ever.”

Is Susan Boyle the next Adam Lambert? Is all the internet buzz, just that? A lot of buzz.

What do you think?


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