‘No song unsung, no wine, untasted’ Susan Boyle’s still a winner taking it all

Susan Boyle lost Britain’s Got Talent. Big deal. Syco Records here she comes. Il Divo watch out and Paul Potts move over. As many before her, second place isn’t so bad.

In the United States, on American Idol, coming in any position but first sets you up for multiple Grammy Awards, an Academy Award, a couple million records sold and a sweet luncheon with Clive Davis.

So while, she’s had some negative press and half of the Twitter world against her, she’s still a winner:

After swinging her hips at Simon Cowell, Susan overcame the adversity of being middle-aged, overweight and underestimated woman. That’s a lot for a never-been-kissed (though I think Piers Morgan fixed that), cat loving singleton from a small town in Scotland. She sent harmonious chills down the spines of a couple million people via her Dream audition. That in itself says more than any article ever could.

Taking it like a true champ she’s said, “The best people won,” about the dance group Diversity.

So while it’s probable and quite possible Susan will shed a tear or two in the privacy of her five-star BGT hotel room, I wouldn’t quite feel sorry for her. With the hoopla and circus surrounding her, Proms performances, royal engagements and other appointments are quite foreseeable in her future.

Elaine Paige, wherever you are, I do believe you owe Missus Boyle a phone call and a recording studio duet. She may have just set the stage for you to make a comeback. While, you are no Kylie Minogue, it is highly recommended you return to the stage.

Most of all, if the Brits don’t want her, the Americans will take her — just as we took the colors of your flag, part of your model of government, your pubs renaming them bars, Top Shop by setting up a cooler flagship in New York City and your tea, which we’ve iced, sweetened to the max and poured in a Mason jar.

Here are the winners, Diversity, an absolutely fantastic dance group that could even put the Rhythm Nation Tour to shame.

The two biggest questions: Can Britain’s Got Talent live up to the hype next year? Will America’s Got Talent even compare?


A few other performances for you:

3rd Place Winner, Shaun Smith

Hollie Steel
Also — In the semi-finals, Hollie had a teary breakdown and then was able to re-perform afterwards.
The original performance of “Edelweiss” here, the reperformance here.

Shaheen Jafargholi

Stavros Flately

Julian Smith

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