Howl if you must, again, Jacob & Edward’s New Moon promos revealed

On the heels of Howl if Must are the two latest New Moon posters to be revealed.

They look like two completely different film promos, take your pick Misses’.




Or Vampire?


According to Twilight Anonymous, these are fakes. What say you Twilighters? Real? Not Real?

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  1. I picked up Twilight when it first came out because it promised vampires; the werewolf bit was just frosting on the cake, really. From the beginning, with the pale hands gently cradling that taunting blood red apple on the cover, the whole Twilight saga has really done a fantastic job of using bold images to entice readers, and now viewers to succumb to the story within. And like the tantalizing images on the book covers, how can you ignore the golden splendor pictured above? Wolf or not, Jacob is coming into his own for sure in New Moon and giving everyone’s favorite glittering immortal a run for his money ;D (and this from an unwavering Team Cullen supporter!)