Howl if you must, again, but for REAL this time

Hey Twilighters,

Cinematical released the first, and what I would think is official, New Moon poster today.

I’m guessing those other two, were a PR stunt/really good fan photoshopping.

Considering the other wolves are looking mighty…beefy; I think its safe to say Taylor Launter is doing quite well with his new workout regime.

MTV Movie Awards on May 31 will broadcast the first trailer for the film. New Moon is in theaters on November 20th.

Right-click to download full-size.

Enjoy! 🙂

New Moon Teaser poster via Cinematical


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  1. yea, i saw this a few days ago.
    the first one with “edward” looked like a bad photoshop job to me.
    regardless, i’m still looking forward to seeing the movie!