Curls Just Wanna Have Fun

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By: Anuradha Pandey, guest blogger

Too often I’ve seen college girls obsessively straighten their hair when they don’t even need to because it’s straight enough naturally. Even more often I’ve seen girls with naturally curly hair obsessively straighten their hair. To all of you, I have this to say: it’s a losing battle. I was one of them, and not until two days ago did I finally decide to embrace my hair no matter how frustrating it is and no matter how frizzy it gets. I was just meant to be a curly girl.

I’ve straightened my hair obsessively since sophomore year of high school. That’s seven years of burning my hair on an almost daily basis, except for senior year of high school and this past year when I went through phases in which I tried to stay as natural as possible in terms of my beauty routine. Not only is there less stress involved, but I also realized that my curly hair reflects my personality much better than straight hair ever did. Gone are the days when I tried to force my hair to stay stick straight like all the other Indian girls (straight hair is disproportionately prevalent among Indian people).

I’m the kind of person whose mood on any given day is somehow weirdly connected to how good I think my hair looks. If you’re anything like me, then you’re probably unwilling to take the chance of walking out the door without using the straightener. If you have even slightly wavy hair, there’s a good chance you’re a compulsive hair straightener like I used to be. Don’t touch it for a few days. In fact, don’t even wash it for a few days and just leave it if you can. It’ll look amazing with a little spray gel. Promise.

I’m sure you all know the mantra of “natural beauty” — do as little as possible in terms of makeup and hair). Freeing yourself of the straightening iron and learning to love your hair is an important step. Visit the site below to learn how you should really care for your hair if it’s anything other than straight. So many women are curly haired but don’t even know it.

If you have wavy and/or curly hair, take this advice to heart from someone who took seven long years full of split ends and dry, damaged hair to accept her hair. I know it’s difficult, but just try it.


Anuradha Pandey is a graduate student at the University of Florida. She has a B.A. in History, Religion and a minor in French from UF. Currently, she is a candidate for an M.A. in British Imperial History and hopes to pursue a PhD in the same field. In her spare time she is a political junkie.

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  1. i like wearing my hair wavy/curly… and i like straightening it.
    i enjoy having hair ‘options’ 🙂