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Grey’s Anatomy S5 finale “Aftergasm:” A New Hope

Update June 18, 2009 2:36 p.m. ET
Goodbye George – It’s official, according to People Magazine, T.R. Knight is leaving Grey’s Anatomy.

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You, like me, probably watched last night in a mix of tears, horror and I quote, myself, “WHAT?!” at the Season 5 finale of Grey’s Anatomy.

Bringing back traumatic, teary memories of Season 2: the prom dress, the elevator, Denny and wait! Seriously. Seriously? Seriously! George in a military uniform. [Read more…]

{iStyle} Blogs make fashion go hi-lo, Pt. I


By: Jenn Ortiz, guest blogger

This March, during Paris Fashion Week, Britt Aboutaleb of Fashionista mused over the blogger seating arrangements at fashion shows. While usually, but not always, bloggers were given press seating, this time there was subsection within press for online media. This, she explained, placed bloggers along the likes of online editors from Elle, Glamour, etc. At other shows, bloggers were given their own front-row section, just like Conde Nast and other publisher sections. She then wondered, “are the days of acting like bloggers aren’t real media members finally over?”

Yes, they are. Whether some people like it or not, blogs are valid media.

They are so valid, that you now see bloggers being signed as models and editors, being given book deals, and photographing ad campaigns. Street-style photo blogging and the focus on what is going on “outside the tent” is cooler and given more style credit than what goes on in the audience inside the tent. If you take a look at Lucky Magazine’s June issue, you might notice that a certain spread on purses looks like something that might appear on The Sartorialist or JaknJill. Bloggers are regularly featured in Teen Vogue and Lucky Magazine as authors, editors, and ones to watch. In fact, one could possibly argue that blogs are more valid and honest than most other forms of fashion media. Most bloggers do not have to answer to an editor or an investor. Therefore, they have the ability to be honest and express their opinions, as well as dish unconfirmed rumors without fearing backlash from any advertisers pulling out.


Blogging is a very inexpensive way to reach out and connect to readers. Blogs and microblogs, like twitter, keep readers connected and current in a way that has never been possible before. Want to know what Anna Wintour said at the 92nd St. Y? Just log on to The Cut (NY Mag’s blog) the morning after, or for real-time updates  log on to The Cut’s twitter (@CutBlog). Fashion bloggers tweeted and blogged from their Blackberries and iPhones during the runway shows, faster than any magazine, news show, or the common fashion website could put together a spread on a show. The only thing more immediate would be directly streaming video directly from the show, but that costs money. Besides, who has time to watch a whole fashion show live anyway? That also means a reader would have to focus their attention, and let’s face it, the attention span and tolerance has lowered in the present day.

So what’s a magazine to do? Well, many magazines have begun to twitter and blog, too. They really couldn’t afford not to. In her Tuesday evening interview, Ms. Wintour admitted to having forced Andre Leon Talley into blogging, kicking and screaming. (Supposedly, he now loves it.) The New York Times now has a twitter account for the Moment, which recently tweeted live during the Grace Jones performance at Matthew Williamson. The list of magazines and editors that have begun to blog goes on and on.

Image belongs to The Sartorialist

There is one thing that traditional media entering the blogosphere should understand. In blogging, community is important to survive. It’s okay to re-blog some information seen elsewhere; in fact, it’s highly desired to be linked and re-blogged. That is exactly how a blog gets more readers and maintains relevance. This means that if you don’t read blog A, you’ll still likely see part of the same story from Blog A on Blog X, Y, and Z. In fashion, that means that more and more readers get information faster. The sense of community also gives blogs additional weight. If you piss off one, you might piss them all off. Then again, that could land you on CNN and sell some magazines.

In sum, bloggers are entering fashion and fashion is entering the blogosphere. Consider the line officially blurred.

Related CNN article here.


Jenn Ortiz is a graduate of the University of Florida with degrees in History and Latin American Studies with hopes to pursue a PhD in Child Development. She believes there is beauty in everything around us; from the inside out, outside in. She currently runs {Bits of Beauty}, a place you just feel good about.

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Angels & Demons: “Do you believe in God?”

Vittoria Vetra: Science tells me God must exist. My mind tells me I will never understand God. And my heart tells me I am not meant to.  – From Angels & Demons, the novel


Today is the day, Angels & Demons releases in theatres.

In short, it is the riveting, edge of your seat prequel to The Da Vinci Code.

Originally written by Dan Brown in 2000, it centers around Harvard University symbologist Professor Robert Langdon as he solves the clues to uncover a centuries-long mystery of a secret society called the Illuminati.

Bent on completely annihilating Vatican City, with the use of anti-matter, the story revolves around the conflict between science and religion. Specifically, Angels & Demons is the historical conflict between the Illuminati and the Roman Catholic Church.

Ewan McGregor in Angels & Demons

Hassassin: Faith does not protect you. Medicine and airbags… those are things that protect you. God does not protect you. Intelligence protects you. Enlightenment. Put your faith in something with tangible results. How long has it been since someone walked on water? Modern miracles belong to science… computers, vaccines, space stations… even the divine miracle of creation. Matter from nothing… in a lab. Who needs God? No! Science is God.  – From Angels & Demons, the novel

Like The Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons shares the lore of secret societies, a story transpiring in a single-day and the Catholic Church. Therefore, because of these similarities, those who have not read the book, may have a bit of a hard time following the history, art and culture swirling around the story.

So from us to you, a mini-guide.

Read. Enjoy. And do let us know if you enjoyed the film:

Illuminati – secret society (“brotherhood”). Illuminatus in Latin and meaning “enlightened.” Refers in reality to numerous groups, but specifically the Bavarian Illuminati founded in 1776.

CERN – the research labratory that originally calls upon Langdon’s services.

Lockheed Martin X-33 – name of aircraft in story

Free Mason/Freemasonry – historical, fraternal organization that supposedly merged into one of the versions of the Illuminati. Supposedly, and on page-31 of the book, the Great Seal of the United States of America is a symbol to represent this.

Ambigram – also known as an inversion, it is a typographical design (sometimes considered art) that is one or more words that can be viewed from various viewpoints/directions/orientations.


Earth, Fire, Wind, Water & the Alters of Science – four locations in Rome, each representing the four elements of the earth: fire, earth, wind and water. Believed to be the “Path of Illumination,” it is the journey to the location where the Illuminati meets in Rome. In the novel of Angels & Demons, these signals were hidden in the form of religious pieces of art. By hiding these directions in religious iconography and alike, it was a way of preventing the church from discovering the scientists and thinkers, who the Church referred to as “heretics.”  It is presumed that the actual meeting place is the Castel Sant’Angelo. But that’s not directly stated in the book.

Earth is the Habakkuk and the Angel in Chigi Chapel of Santa Maria del Popolo

Air is the West Ponente at Saint Peter’s Square

Fire is the the Ecstasy of St. Teresa sculpture at the church of Santa Maria della Vittoria

Water is the the famous Fountain of Four Rivers at Piazza Navona

Angels & Demons

Teacher: Terrorism, has a single goal. What is it?
Student 1: Killing innocent people?
Teacher: Incorrect. Death is only a byproduct of terrorism.
Student 2: A show of strength?
Teacher: No. A weaker persuasion does not exist.
Student 3: To cause terror?
Teacher: Concisely put. Quite simply, the goal of terrorism is to create terror and fear. Fear undermines faith in the establishment. It weakens the enemy from within… causing unrest in the masses. Write this down. Terrorism is not an expression of rage. Terrorism is a political weapon. Remove a government’s façade of infallibility, and you remove its people’s faith.   – From Angels & Demons, the novel

Angels & Demons movie poster


Sasha Muradali runs the ‘Little Pink Book’ .

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TGIF: Tweeting trends #AnnoyAtrekkie & #ApatheticBond to end a flustering week, #FollowFriday

It’s Friday (#FollowFriday in Twitter-land) and time to let your hair down out of the strung up, tight-knitted bun it’s been in all week.


What better way to do so than with some purposeless rubbish in the form of a couple of laughs via the social media, Kingdom of Twitter? 

This week, the Twitter world has been reeling over some creative (and not so much) tweets about Star Trek, Bond and childhood memories.

Below are just a few highlights, to make you laugh and tell yourself, THANK-GOD-IT’S-FRIDAY! And in the tradition of all things Twitterific, #FollowFriday these Tweeps. No harm, no foul.

(P.S., if you are new to Twitter and have no idea what I’m talking about go here.)

@MitchBenn: What about “Unipussy?”
@rgphotographic: Roger Less
@jockso: Probable Best Not To Say Never Again, But It’s Up To You Really
@psmorrison: A Teaspoon Of Solace
@ihateyourad: “Never Say Never Again — Unless You Need To. Who Am I To Say?”
@roboticmonkey: Dr. Oh alright then, but just this once
@TheToyDetective: For Four Eyes Only (n.b. I can say that, I’m bespectacled)
@echtburge: A View To Wishing He’d Just Piss Off And Die 

@SashaHalima Pluto was a planet.
@captain_doodle: Lucozade came with a satisfyingly crinkly translucent amber wrap which u could put over ur eyes to create yellow robot vision
@thom_white: Neapolitan ice cream was considered exotic. And so was pasta, garlic, curry & spaghetti bolognaise. Wine was posh!
@lesanto: A snowball was a ladies drink not a ladies sex act
@lesanto: You didn’t have ‘personality disorders’ you were just an a**hole�
@saruuh123: Furbys were kings… 

@DJ_Minja Death Star blows up the Enterprise
 @a_rocket_can “Picard, I am your Father!” – Noooooooooooooooo!”
@livin4hymn So…Vader is Pickard who is also Kirk’s father, right?
@SashaHalima me-sah lied, LAST one, promise RT @purplehayz: They should never have had that Jar Jar Binks run the bar on the Enterprise
@CYMarin1 Spock is the one with the ribs on his forehead, right?
@pixelbuffer: I hope they bring the Ewoks back in the next Star Trek, they’re so cute. I love that Chewbacca’s have kids too.
@sShap so that’s why Kirk and Spock look so young. They regenerated! (and #DrWho)

@thewinekone: If I was a Vulcan, I’d use my nerve pinch on your ****.
@Jezriyah: I can’t wait for the scene where Kirk negotiates a 5-star hotel room for 2-star prices.


Sasha Muradali runs the ‘Little Pink Book’ .

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