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Catch-22: A PR industry PR campaign

itsthepr by PR News. Their Rights Reserved 2009.

NEW: It’s the PR!

A public relations campaign,
by the public relations industry,
for the public relations industry:

Public relations drives marketplace success, influence ideas and manages reputations, that’s why PR News has rolled out the industry’s first-ever advocacy campaign touting the power of public relations. The “It’s the PR!” campaign’s main message is that PR is a major driving force, although an often unrecognized or dismissed area of the marketing mix.

Armed with mugs, shirts, totes and other PR-couture-love, there are some big questions, with a captial ‘Q,’ looming in the land of the AB-FAB-we-are-not-Edina-Moonsoon-spinner-stereotypes.

Why it is good:

  • It is high-time the public relations industry stepped out of the shadow of Edina Moonsoon and Samantha Jones. That is not a secret.

The industry is not as glamourous as those make it out to be and, hard to believe I know, there is actually some hardwork involved. Public relations requires dedication, long hours, excellent time management skills, proper spelling and grammar, not to mention, the cardinal rule of rules: you must be a great communicator.

Taught in PUR 101 classes across the country that the word S-P-I-N is the new four-letter bad word of words, this campaign strives to raise awareness about what public relations really is, why it is needed and why it is an important tool in communication.

Sure journalist call it the “dark side.” But hey, no one is perfect.

Why it is bad:

  • Starting a campaign about yourself to defend what you do, screams that something is wrong.

By starting a public relations campaign about the public relations industry, in order to defend the industry against bad publicity, suggests that there is in fact a problem within the industry. That admission speaks loads for itself. Enough said. Have some food for thought.

Why it is just strange:

  • A public relations campaign, by the public relations industry, for the public relations industry.

Public relations for public relations by public relations.

We are hiring ourselves now? We are hiring ourselves to do public relations for, well,…us? Sure, why not!

We know what is best because we do it everyday for everyone else, right?

 If you are interested, get involved here.


Sasha Muradali runs the ‘Little Pink Book’ and ‘SashaHalima PR.’ She holds a B.S. in Public Relations and an M.A. in International Administration.

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