Ltd. Edition Stout to Commemorate Guinness’s 250th Birthday

The Gravity Bar in the Guinness Brewery in Dublin, Ireland. Photo by J. Griffin Stewart. All Rights Reserved 2009.

Brewed as it has been for the past 250-years, April 24, brings the release of a limited edition stout by Guinness.
Made available in the United States on a 6-month run, this is the first new Guinness draught since 1966, when Guinness was first introduced to the American market.
Retailing in price between $7.99-8.49, depending on location, the new draught will also be in available in kegs.
Unlike the traditional Guinness draught, the limited edition is carbonated and not nitrogenated. This results in a near white frothy stout beer of larger bubble size, as opposed to the typical milky-coffee froth.
According to Diageo, the worldwide distributor of Guinness, one is to expect a ‘crisp,’ ‘lively,’ and ‘refreshing’ rush of delectable delight into their mouths.
Guinness was created in 1759 by Arthur Guinness and is currently housed in its original home in Dublin, Ireland at the St. James’s Gate brewery.
Over 10 million glasses of Guinness have been poured since its conception, and it is currently the best-selling, not to mention most popular, stout in the world.
There is a recession running rampant around the globe right now, and while, I personally would root for Guinness, infamous for also producing some of the best advertisements in the world, I’m not quite sure the American beer-drinking market is ready to spend an extra few bucks on an imported beer, when they can achieve Happy Hour on a domestic brand.
That being said, traditional Guinness drinkers coax and do not guzzle their stout, so there still some hope that the limited edition brew will fly with ease.
Guinness is available in over 100 countries and brewed in over 40, but do you think that statistic will help this campaign be successful? Even in a time of recession?

Happy Weekend! xx.

Sasha Muradali runs the Little Pink Book.

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