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Goo-goo for the Lady GaGa?

Lady GaGa. Photo by Whittlz. All Rights Reserved 2009.

I think New York Magazinehad it about right, when they questioned why we find it so hard to like Lady GaGa, regardless of her flawless typical, euro-poppin’ style.
So what if she does dress like a ‘sci-fi super-villian’ with her ‘gloriously dumb dance music that usually thrives in gay clubs and Europe?’
She has been embraced by the United States right?…well mostly.
Paying attention to the attention seekers is one thing, respecting and embracing their art is another.
Well, do we even really consider what The GaGa does as art?
I think that boils down to personal preference. For moi, personally, no. She isn’t art.
She’s a performer who mixes up the best of them to create her own concoction.
“Let’s Dance” and “Poker Face” are the epitome of disco-dancin’, club-hoppin’ tracks oozing patent leather. You can’t help but love them.
They are in your face, upbeat and have hooks that will keep them spinning around in your head for weeks.
I would know from experience.
Sing it with me ya’ll:

♫ Pah-Pah-Pah-Poker Face! ♫

Lady GaGa. Photo by Dozer14. All Rights Reserved 2009.

But I have to agree with NYM, those two tracks aside, and maybe some exception for “Paparazzi,” (which deja-vu-ly reminds me of early 2000s Ace of Base & Britney, I admit I totally used to heart and still do!) Lady GaGa basically does ‘sound like Europop remixes of Britney Spears.’
Therefore, it really isn’t a shocker that Britney is a fan of the Lady and even enlisted her to write one of her tracks on the album “Circus.”
But how much of this woman’s creativity and pure aesthetic creation was really her own? And is she really as unique as we are told to believe she is?
ONTD called out Miss GaGa a few weeks ago, when they called her fib on creating her own costume designs from scratch, after she remarked that her ideas are all her own.
Well, apparently they aren’t.

Photos Belong to Oh No They Didn't! All Rights Reserved 2009.
On the left we see an original Hussein Chalayan from 2007 and on the right, we see The GaGa.
I think it’s pretty self-explanatory.
But, okay, maybe she was inspired. No need to get into a tizzy over it.
Christina Aguilera walks around like a tranny, who thinks she’s a white, skinny Etta James from 1955 and Madonna can’t decide which personality she prefers of her many.

No big.

We love to love to hate them. We hate to hate to love them.
But for all of space alien, futuristic brouhaha from the Haus of GaGa, I just can’t help but think, been there done that, seen that, okay so what’s next?
I seriously don’t need to see or listen to a
Cher + Madonna + Britney + Christina = Hybrid-GaGa-clone
It is time to move on.
You know, it’s time to step into
♫ 3008, you’re so 2000 late!
I gotta get that boom boom boom!


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