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Your Smart Phone of Choice: #Blackberry , #iPhone , #Nokia ?

Smart phones are mobile phones that offer advanced capabilities — very similar to what you would find on your PC or laptop.
There is no specific industry standard for what is considered a smart phone, but there are some knacks that each carry:

  • operating systems
  • e-mail
  • Internet
  • e-book reading options
  • applications
  • built-in full keyboards
  • GPS
  • external USB and/or VGA connector
  • ample GB of space
  • typically 5.5+ pixel cameras
  • etc.

Basically, these phones are miniature computers you can hold in the palm of your hand.
With Nokia releasing their N97 in June 2009, and the fact, that everyone, besides me (yes, I’m so serious), owns a Smart Phone, I want to know which one you prefer and WHY?

Please vote below. 

In the “comments” section explain your choice of why you prefer a specific phone or why you do not.

If you voted “Other,” tell me why and which phone you prefer that is not listed above.

Sasha H. Muradali runs the Little Pink Book and SashaHalima PR. She has never owned a Smart Phone and is interested in finally make that purchase later this year. Your opinions in the matter would be greatly appreciated 🙂

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