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Why should you/we/us blog?

By: Keira Gillett, guest blogger

It’s a straight forward answer really.


As periodicals, companies, corporations, and individuals turn more and more to the internet it’s imperative that you do as well. Simply put blogging changes how people find and interact with information.


Being on the internet is not merely to be there as a website, profile, or calling card, all of which are static.


When you or your company go to the internet it’s to make a ‘Presence’ with a capital ‘P’ and to carve out of it a niche that is truly your own.


Used properly a blog or more specifically a blog article can and does go viral. This amazing reaction is something every blog should strive for and every company.


Blogging is a PR tool everyone should use because it’s:


  • It is accessible and timely because it’s easily updateable.


Like a periodical, a blog is meant to have new articles on a regular basis. By being on the web instead of print a blog has the potential to get into the hands of anyone with a computer and internet connection.


  • Over time it becomes a database of information about you and your company’s interests, policy, and products.


Think of blogging as a form of advertising. It’s a front line for Public Relations between you and the rest of the world. The more content on a blog the more likely you are to be found because your site will stay active, up to date, and build a database of information for others to find.


  • You can build a loyal following.


A blog is a great way to stay active with your consumers, clients, friends, and potential consumers and clients.


  • Searchable on two types of search engines: main and blog specific.


Blog posts appear in a timeline and can be pulled out of the web via searches in chronological order and also by importance and relevancy. For this reason it is important to update and improve search engine optimization or also known as SEO.


Blogging is just one type of communication, but a foolish one to overlook.



Keira Gillett runs a book review blog for readers by readers on romance novels entitled Love Romance Passion. Visit her for an inside look into consumer reactions to products place on the market. This should give you an idea how the power of blogging, even if it’s not your blog, can affect sales, opinions, and branding.


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