Ardbeg’s Great Whiskey Exploration #SpaceDram

In 2011, Ardbeg, the “Ultimate Islay Malt Whiskey,” embarked on a 1,045-day long experiment in cooperation with NanoRocks, to see what would happen to barrel samples that matured in space.

Under the direction of Dr. Bill Lumsden, [Read more...]

Feels Like Autumn With Your NFL 47 Brand Passblock

Nothing says autumn like boots, moto jackets and long-sleeved goodness.

In the spirit of all things sporty, boyfriend-esque and autumn-y-come-hitherness we present you our new fav for fall, the ’47 Brand Passblock Sweater collection for all of your football-Americana needs. [Read more...]

Win a $50 Gift Card to Spice Up Your Halloween

With Halloween 2014 just around the riverbed, Little Pink Blog and Pink Basis (part of Ami Clubwear) want to help you make this season full of spice and everything All Hallow’s nice!

Here is your chance to win a $50.00 gift card towards any online purchase of your choice!

Whether you want to coquettishly [Read more...]

Things To Do With Your Acer Iconia Tab 8

In our first post on the Acer Iconia Tab 8, we discussed the more technical side of the device. This time we want to focus on the more lifestyle and day-to-day aspects of owning one of these tablets.


Whether it’s a high-schooler or that daughter or son at university, the Iconia Tab 8 is a good buy for three specific reasons: cost, size and speed.

If you’re a budget conscious parent or you happen to have a ‘typical’ teenager, [Read more...]

SS15 Backstage Beauty at Libertine

The beauty look for Libertine tied together the youthful playfulness of the collection, with inspiration described by the beauty team as London party girls from the “dirty sixties” meets “90’s raver.”

With morning-after-the-party hair and makeup looks and a statement nail look, the beauty concept created behind the scenes at Libertine perfectly mirrored the fun rebellion of the collection. [Read more...]

Initial Thoughts on the Acer Iconia Tab 8

Earlier this summer, I was asked to join the an Intel Tablet Crew advocacy program to try out the new Acer Iconia Tab 8.

One of the things I enjoyed the most about it was the ability to Skype with my parents from anywhere. I didn’t need to use my iPhone (and kill the battery) or lug my laptop around.

As long as I had wi-fi I was able stay in touch with my family at the other end of the country and nothing is more amazing than that.

So let’s talk some specifics and get a little techy here. [Read more...]

SS15: Marissa Webb’s Incredible Braided Pompadour

Created for Marissa Webb’s Spring/Summer 2015 Collection, inspired by a variety of edgy and “downtown” separates, Jeanie Syfu for TRESemmé’s Braided Pompadour might be the most incredible hair for all of SS15.

Webb’s SS15 collection was dubbed as the collection for the creative woman on the go.

It pairs defined silhouettes with playful hemlines to bring an urban aesthetic to life.

Therefore, Syfu created two distinctive hairstyles to encompass a gritty vibe with a feminine twist to complete the look: The Braided Pompadour and the Five Strand Braid.

Here’s a “how to” so you can steal the look and look fabulous too! :) [Read more...]

SS15: Backstage Beauty at Charlotte Ronson

Charlotte Ronson’s Spring 2015 collection was inspired by the confident modern woman, caught in a moment of watercolored daydream.

Backstage, it was clear that the beauty looks reflected this vision, and the artists responsible for bringing the look to life were eager to share their interpretation of a real woman adrift in a moment of unreality. [Read more...]

SS15: Step Into A Daydream With Charlotte Ronson

Charlotte Ronson’s Spring 2015 collection was inspired by the idea of a confident modern woman caught in a moment of daydream, and it was a pleasure to see this lovely concept translated so clearly to the collection. [Read more...]

SS15: A Youthful Rebellion With Libertine

Libertine was bursting with palpable, youthful energy and irreverent fun.

Channeling elements of the glam rock and early punk of the 60’s and 70’s, the show was all youth culture, brimming with bold colors and prints, and extreme embellishment. [Read more...]

SS15: Backstage Beauty at Maria ke Fisherman

To complement a collection inspired by the young, resilient, urban woman, the beauty looks at Maria ke Fisherman were ultra clean and edgy. [Read more...]

Enter Legendary Bĭru with Sapporo Beer

“A modern beverage with a traditional Japanese heritage” is the way some would describe Sapporo Premium beer, the number one Asian-selling beer in the US.

Launched earlier this summer, the brand debuted a $2m consumer-focused AD campaign called “Legendary Bĭru” that is centered around showcasing the contemporary meets traditional:

[Read more...]

Win Tickets to Fashion Rocks Live 2014! #FashionRocks

Do you love Luke Bryan and upon occasion have the urge to say, “No, Luke Bryan, you shake it for me!”

Do you have Jared Leto guyliner envy as his smolder eye kohl comes out better than yours?

Then we have the perfect opportunity for you!

Little Pink Blog is teaming up with Fashion Rocks Live to give you and a friend the chance to win a pair of tickets to the event on September 9, 2014 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. [Read more...]

Inspired By K-Pop Beauty? Check Out Memebox!

Memebox, the world’s first Korean beauty e-commerce retailer, has finally landed stateside!

Offering a selection of the most sought-after, on trend K-beauty products, Memebox utilizes targeted technology to analyze consumer trends, buying habits and social media coverage in order to deliver the newest, hottest and coolest beauty products to the market – straight from South Korea to your doorstop.

As a Birchbox subscriber, if you are anything like me, I’m sure you can appreciate beauty-in-a-box! [Read more...]

Happy National Lemonade Day!

Credit WeHeartIt

Happy National Lemonade Day!

And to celebrate, our friends at Pinnacle Vodka sent us two little adult beverage recipes just for you :) [Read more...]

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